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  1. STXR Night 2

    Was very dissapointed at the entrance gate after races , Steve Witteker cussing out young lady trying to get her mother loaded up .. Handicapped old lady , with walker . Trying her best to get loaded and go home .. NO excuse for F words , and telling young lady to Get the F out , and don't come back .... Sure did no good , and showed his True colors .. I'm not going back . The rest of the employees also had attitude , especially the announcer .. ... Not good at all for business .....
  2. Dirt flat trackers

    Went to see the Exstreem show this weekend .. pretty good show for a new organization .. Had some really fast bikes , good riders ... My compliments to Lawrence for having a nice , well groomed track .. Looking forward to seeing some dirt track racing other than So.Tx. speedway... I really like the high banks and track layout ....
  3. 4412 Holley

    Looking for a 4412 carb . Working condition . bweighmaster@aol.com ...... Mission . Tx. ..
  4. Front Gate Admission

    Hardest thing in the world is catering to race fans , and racers, OMG ! Most tempermental people in the world . Great people , But , really challenging . Did this for far too many years at RGS . Spent way too much money , lost much sleep , but would not change anything . Some of the best years of my life were spent there , the only way to make money at it is to cater to fans as VIP status , provide large car counts , ( Bigger purses ) Specialty shows , our best were Monster trucks , dwarfs , demolition derby , and motorcycle events . Fans will pay big bucks for big and different shows . Variety is the spice of life ..,. Go There !!! Put money back into facility , provide better concessions , restrooms ect. That's where its at !!! Cater to the People that spend the money !!! Too late for us , we got burned out stuggling for too many years. RGS Former track operator . Good luck!
  5. Sport Mod final gear

  6. Enduro race February 6th

    How about some info ! Not a lot on website , no rules , dates , what can run ? Total laps ? SOMETHING ! !
  7. Transponder

    Transponders amb 260 rechargables with new charger . 250.00 not new but in good working order !! Jamie 956 221 3089 can Paypal
  8. The Ugly Truth About Racing

    AND 100% TRUE ! We are all guilty as charged !
  9. Gears?

    Auto trans ? Powerglide ? 350 ? Three speed manual ? Four speed manual ? Help us out here !
  10. old Edinburg dirt track

    Going back a ways , most people don't remember back that far . Was a dragger back then , didn't know about the track untill it was closed and then started racing Rio Grande Speedway . Ran there from 86 till i last closed the gate in late 2013. Not many people left with pictures . But will put the word out. Bernard .......
  11. Any Results?

    This from a former race director , If my clean up crew took that long to clear the track , They would have been replaced ,or I myself , many times would get in the wrecker and clear the track . Spectators do not like waiting on untrained , unexperienced crew members not knowing how to do what needs to be done in a timely manner . No excuses since there were no medical emergencies . Our crew would have the track cleared , in most incidents , under 4 laps . Improvement is clearly needed .
  12. drag car wanted

    Looking for new toy ,, straight liner , whatcha got?????
  13. June

    Hey thumper , still going huh , ever gonna quit ? Not enough trophies ? Bernard .......
  14. Car Count

    What are classics???
  15. Wiper blades for a Yugo?

    Where is this Yugo you speak of ???? Have cash , need it for target practice . Not really , collection !!

    Where are results posted ??????

    Too many rules close too many tracks!!! Bernard , Rio Grande Speedway ( closed down )

    Too many rules close too many tracks !!! Bernard, Rio Grande Speedway ( Cosed down )
  19. need to get something off my chest

    As a former track owner it is still disturbing that there are still slobs who have no regard for others health and well being. My soloution was to confront on a public scale ,in the drivers meeting , the individuals involved . This usually stopped the culprits , and also put on notice all other parties in the group . Many times after a situation i was apolagized to personally . Many times i have been commended for this effort. I believe that this is why we , always had the cleanest facility in south Texas. Everybody has pride in a clean enviroment , and it is a contagious thing , Starting With You!!!