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  1. Dwarf car racing

    Checked the home page, no rules up as of yet. Still to come I suppose? I run with the DCRST and I am looking for some other races to run on dirt. Only 4 of them for us this year. Looks like we wont be going to Goliad this year. any info you get soon, please post. Thanks There are at least two of us that would come from Corpus that I know of.
  2. Do you know if the dwarf cars will be racing at the track in 2013?
  3. Does any one know the status of dwarf car racing on this night. How many might show up? Is there going to be hot laps only or possible a race for them? I know of only two from Corpus is going to make it.
  4. Roll call for the dwarfs

    I will going. Trying to get others to make it.
  5. Hey Wright racing, where are you out of? How many cars can you get to go? We are out of Corpus Christi.