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  1. Any karts or parts

    Yes sir, I have a kart ready to go. Where can I send you the pic's?
  2. question

    I'm bringing one up and I imagine GB will be there.
  3. It was nice meeting you,get that right front kicked out some and come back. Oh, tell weeny you didn't roll it like he did!!!
  4. 2013 purestock rules meeting

    Your street stocks will mop the track with my pure stock!!! We cant run weight jacks or do much to our motors. Maybe we just need two cars, a RGS and a STS car! HMMMM....
  5. 2013 purestock rules meeting

    Any chance the rule changes might include G60's and or headers so us RGS guy's can come up and play?!
  6. Fun night

    Thanks Kenny, can't make it this weekend, waiting on pulleys to try and keep my fan belt on, I didnt like the way it feels to drive into the corner with out power steering!! Hey you STS guy's came down here one time and WEENY has to show off! check him out on you tube at Weeny wipe out - rio grande speedway.
  7. RGS Pure Stocks

    Thanks GB. It is great that you are trying to get these two tracks to work together and have places for fellow racers to race. Speaking of fellow racer's, you may have won the race but Weeny stole the show. He's on you tube at WEENY WIPEOUT- rio grande speedway.
  8. RGS Pure Stocks

    No problem changing tires GB, its the buying tires that hurts. IDK can we run the 7" wheel? Either way I think I will wait and see what Owen and Ogden decide on final rules so I don't invest money in tires or wheels that could end up sitting un used. On another note I just bought a thunder for the GF's son, it's a toyota, do you have any wheels for sale?
  9. thanks

    Hey Weeny did David get you the video of your roll over?
  10. I had the pleasure of visiting with some of you STS racers and really enjoyed it, "Wish I lived closer to STS!", anyway, I got a couple different response's to my questions about our pure stocks racing up there. We run G60's and are allowed to run any shocks but have a claimer on them.There are probably some other difference's. I was told to just show up and Owen will let me race as is, another told me to just change my wheels and tires. If I take 3 car's thats alot of money!! I have heard Owen is an awesome guy but rules are rules. So what happens if we show up as is?
  11. Fun night

    I dont know if your the Kenny I met at the track or not, but I met some good folks from STS and look forward to getting my pure stock up there to get beat by by a rookie 14 year old girl!!!