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  1. 8-4-12 Race Winners

    Pure Stock 1st Place 91 Jared Maupin 2nd Place 21 A.J Solis 3rd Place 93 Chris Brandt 4th Place 18 Alan Sweeten Thunder 1st Place 14 Cameron Chase 2nd Place 31 Bryan Hoke 3rd Place 98 Cody Schach 4th Place 78 Devin Gonzalez Limited Mod. 1st Place 07 Adam Schach 2nd Place 12 Rolly Rodriguez 3rd Place 9b Brandon Blaylock 4th Place 23 Micheal Gay
  2. 7-21-12 Race Winners

    *Sorry im late posting them* Pure Stock: 1st Place 92 Jared Maupin 2nd Place 4 Tim Heatherly 3rd Place 93 Chris Brandt 4th Place 29 Nathan Mullen Thunder: 1st Place 22 Kevin Schach 2nd Place 14 Cameron Chase 3rd Place 31 Bryan Hoke 4th Place 98 Cody Schach Limited Mod. 1st Place 23 Micheal Gay 2nd Place 12 Rolly Rodriguez 3rd Place 87 Jaime Schach 4th Place 9s Bobby Smith
  3. 7-7-12 Race Winners(:

    Pure Stock: 1st Place:#91 Jared Maupin 2nd Place:#21 A.J Solis 3rd Place:#18 Alan Sweeten 4th Place:#93 Johnny Johnson Thunder Class: 1st Place:#22 Randeall Korht 2nd Place:#98 Gene Schach 3rd Place:#14 David Sheffield 4th Place:#78 Cameron Voelschow Limited Mod. 1st Place:#187 Lawrence Mikulencak 2nd Place:#12 Rollie Rodriguez 3rd Place:#07 Adam Schach 4th Place:#13 James Droddy GREAT JOB ALL DRIVER(: BIG Thanks To everyone who donated Fireworks
  4. July 7th 2012 READ THIS

    McAllen International Motorplex will be having fireworks..Make sure to come out and watch the action on the track and a great show with fireworks..Hope To See EVERYONE out there 3.9 miles south of exp.83 on 10th street (fm336) DONT FORGET OUT OF TOWN CAR/DRIVER GET IN FREE***
  5. McAllen International Motorplex is Hosting SOUTH TEXAS "SLAM IN THE SUN", July 14th,2012. 10am-Midnight Tickets Are on sale now . Presale tickets are $15.00 and General $20.00 (at the gate). There will be live music and entertainment throughout the day. So Come join us for a day full of FUN FUN FUN in the SUN SUN SUN!!!!!! I Have Tickets for sale (956) 322-1738 or (956)212-8203 McAllen International Motorplex 7431 S 10th St McAllen, TX 78503 3.9 Miles South of Expressway 83 on 10TH St. Just past the Floodway! SEE YOU THERE!!
  6. 6-23-12 Race Winners

    *****REMEMBER OUT OF TOWN CAR AND DRIVER GET IN FREE AT M.I.M***** Pure Stock Class: 1st Place: #91 Jared Maupin 2nd Place: #29 Nathan Mullen 3rd Place: #08 Roger Abrogast 4th Place: #31 Bryan Hoke Thunder Class: 1st Place: #6 Daekin Gonzalez 2nd Place: #98 Gene Schach 3rd Place: #14 David Sheffield 4th Place: #78 Cameron Voelschow Limtied Mod: 1st Place: #12 Rolly Rodriguez 2nd Place: #07 Adam Schach 3rd Place: #87 Jaime Schach 4th Place #13 James Droddy
  7. question

    when talking about the car count and out of town drivers, WE would love to have a bigger car count. and as for out of town car/driver THEY GET IN FREE! So hopefully now that the schedule is posted here we can get more "out of town" drivers. As for the Front wheel drive, if you can get enough cars you can have your own class.
  8. 6-9-12 Race Winners

    Ur Welcome Nick
  9. 6-9-12 Race Winners

    Thunder Class: 1st Place #14 David Sheffield 2nd Place #22 Kevin Schach 3rd Place #78 Cameron Voelschow 4th Place #98 Cody Schach PureStock Class: 1st Place #91 Jared Maupin 2nd Place #51 Casey Garvin 3rd Place #93 Chris Brandt 4th Place #29 Nathan Mullen Limited Modified 1st Place #07 Adam Schach 2nd Place #12r Rolly Rodriguez 3rd Place #87 Jaime Schach *Once i get 4th place i will let everyone know* GREAT JOB TO ALL THE DRIVERS SEE U ALL ON JUNE 23rd
  10. Race Schedule: **OUT OF TOWN CAR/DRIVER GET IN FREE AT M.I.M** March 3rd March 17th March 31st April 14th April 28th May 12th May 26th June 9th June 23rd July 7th July 21st August 4th August 18th September 1st Septemeber 15th Septemeber 28th October 12th October 29th November 10th Novemeber 24th December 8th December 22nd