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  1. we invite you to come race again . we will have at least a couple 4 cyl. out there and a couple more will make good show. even the #78 come on out. I was totally willing to race your track for free and even pay an entry but guess we are unwanted. So come on this sat.
  2. Some tried and were told no for some off the wall reason??
  3. First Night

    Ha ha only way is to let him go First ha nah that wont work either ..other cars and walls he will find ...rental go carts fits his style .. Actually he caused the only red flag there also. He stuffed himself in wall there too

    Just wanted to throw a cent or two in the pot about those 2 sport compact cars out there. That looked like a crap load of fun even with just two cars. That was a dam good race also.. Those guys were wide open while making sure nothing went wrong to get that going. Think we all need to get one of those cars. Think a girl may have been the driver of the pinked car who beat that awesome lifelong racer in the new thunper. Either way lets get that class going..
  5. First Night

    Ha ha only way is to let him go First ha
  6. Results March 24

    Had a blast and so did friends and family. Thanks a bunch Owen, Mr. riley and all who make sts the place to be on saturday nights. Dern nice trophy too.
  7. First Night

    the practice would be good
  8. Congrats!

    do front runners have a purse this year??
  9. Starting this Sat.

    .Wow is it that time already. I know it was a good turnout and good show last race at the shootout. I think Owen just knows how to put on a race. I hope to see the new thumper and that gobabygo in the crapr out there. Now that's a show. So you guys get out there and root for your driverteam and team