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  1. Open Practice at I-37 Speedway, Feb 24th

    Are you trying this on Sunday?
  2. E-Mods changes

    Can someone direct me to where the E Mod rules are?
  3. Sts make up dates

  4. New schedule

    Are the LLM racing Halloween havoc?
  5. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    Ok I'm looking text me some pictures 361-533-1130
  6. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    I am looking but let's see what number 3 is. Also with all of the classes that are going to be on the schedule which of these will be full time?
  7. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    Let's see if we can find me one Jerry
  8. STS - Results for August 1, 2015

    Ryker should be excited
  9. STS JULY 18th

    Karts, time trials and racing but only if the sport compacts have four our less.
  10. STS JULY 18th

  11. July 4th update

    Have a doubleheader starting at 1:00 pm Saturday
  12. May 9th Recap

    The track was perfect LL