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  1. Sport compact payout.

    Was trying to find out the sport compact payouts for weekly shows.

    Hey toybox, just run what you did last year, your legal and ran good. Santa can bring you something else, like me a car.lol

    Trey my friend, you can run any four barrel just like at I-37. Bolt that wash tub on the intake and lets race.lol. Just be over 3150lbs.

    Hey guys, I must be missing something. If you look at who won the features last year, it was about even, 2 barrel cars vs. 4 barrel cars. Is there Really an advantage, or is just a matter of getting it your way.? I think Ted should make the decision on what is best for the class, keeping the door open for cars to come into the class, and and not making rule changes every year. The worst thing a TRACK CAN DO IS LET DRIVERS MAKE THE RULES, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Ted, do your thing, you are not going to please every body. The only thing is this class is not going to grow if we continue down this path. In the above post there is 2 or 3 cars that was coming, but now they are not. Keep the rules, clear them up, now you have increased the class by 15 to 20% if those guys above come on down. JMO John Lawrence
  5. LLM Rules?

    New post on SOS Forum.
  6. LLM rules

    In my opinion, the only time you should change any rules , is if (example) a manufacturer stops making the specific parts that is in the rules. If rules were to say Holly 650 , vacuum advance and Holly stops production, THEN you would "HAVE" to change the rules.STABILITY OF THE RULES IS EVERYTHING. Besides, you can't JUST change a carb. In some cases if you change the carb, you need to change the cam, which in some cases you change the springs, which then effects the heads. It all depends how far you want to go. Heck, in some cases effects final gearing. We need to leave it alone. I keep hearing people say that 4412 cars won as much as 650 or larger carb. cars did, and that is true, was there, saw it, so there should be no problems leaving the rules alone. If drivers want a tubed rack n pinion car, build a late model, OR you should have no problem hanging weight over the left front of the car where the steering box was.
  7. LLM Rules?

    Guys I posted something on the SOS forum, please read it. Thank you.
  8. LLM rules

    STS, south division, SOS,north division. CBLGDC, bro I don;t think you have Ever run a track before. Your attitude is going to kill this class. You have to keep the door open for growth. Some guys have to buy the heavier asphalt cars, easier to find. They cannot in all cases Safely remove enough weight to be competitive.TELL me, if you HAD a 3150 lb. car and was told you had to run a 2 barrel ( the same carb. as a 2850lb. car) would you waste your money to come out and race. I WILL tell you one thing in all due respect to ever ones opinion,there is only 2 ways to get the rules done....#1...the track dictates the rules....or #2...IF you let the drivers have input and vote, make sure you have at least 75% of you previous drivers that SHOWED up 3/4 of the races for the year. IF you do not do that , this is what we will get. Bickering . Guys we had better get it together.
  9. Update

    With every thing that's going on , I am committed to make something happen, just pray every night.
  10. LLM Rules?

    What was agreed last year was 4412,650 vacuum secondary 2850 lbs,any fuel. Cars weighing 3150 lb. car, any carb, any fuel. simple. New rule could be : 2850 lb car up to 3150 , any carb. not to exceed 650 w/vacuum secondary, any fuel. 3150 lb car , any carb. any fuel. then learn how to tech it. poat weight on hood or roof post. No one has to go buy another carb. I think that is pretty simple. just my opinion.
  11. Which Night?

    South Bexar County.
  12. Which Night?

    I37 will not be the location! We are working on everything as I post. More to come as we get closer. We are only using this forum thanks to Nick. We are working with him, to keep everybody informed. thank you all for all the interest and up coming support. We need this in San Antonio.
  13. Which Night?

    Brandon,; give me a call. 210-269-6070. John is my name.

    I think that is a good idea. Come on drivers, thats tomorrow night. Andrew and I will follow up with a few drivers and make sure they post on the roll call list. Hray,tomorrow night get the format on and lets get it going.