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    I love racing, been doing it for years. Currently in a street stock.
  1. 2013 Banquet is on the Schedule!

    We will be there. 2 of us.
  2. Season cancelled

    They are also welcomed at Texana Raceway.
  3. who coming

    #1 modlite will be there.
  4. trans

    First: 2.40:1 Second: 1.47:1 Third: 1.00:1 Overdrive: 0.67:1 Reverse: 2.00:1 Hope this helps.
  5. Dwarf car racing

    Talking with Keith Stacy last week, they are still planning on running dwarf/ modlites in 2013. I run a modlite there as well.
  6. Here are some of the new rules for 2013 season. TRP_Sport_Mod_Rules_2013_pdf.pdf TRP_Pure_Stock_Rules_2013_pdf.pdf TRP_Mini_Stock_Rules_2013_pdf.pdf
  7. Roll call for the dwarfs

    I'm gonna try and get there. Been busy past couple of weeks.
  8. Hey Wright racing, where are you out of? How many cars can you get to go? We are out of Corpus Christi. My Dwarf car is ready to go.
  9. RGS Results 10-13-2012

    Is this the car count for the races this night?
  10. what happened

    Unfortunate part about racing. Stuff happens.
  11. Classes for 2013 Season?

    Thanks for the input guys, has got me to thinking already. I will be working on classes and rules and get this info out soon. I may be calling on some of you. Lol.
  12. Pictures...

    Great pics Jamie!!!

    That was a fun night! Quite a few cars there and driver's learned a lot. Was good the see the track with activity again. Can't wait for Saturday Night!!!