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Spec shocks

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From the most current Lone Star Legacy rule book



Only one, non­adjustable, stock, steel, QA1 7564, which is a 75 Series Steel chrome plated, twin tube shock with a 6" stroke and a #4 valving rate, or the Pro Shock SB 64, which was legal under the original Allison Legacy rules and prior editions of the Lone Star Legacy rules, is permitted per wheel. The only adjustable device allowed on the shock is the spring adjustment nut. No re­valving or altering of internal components of stock shocks permitted. No custom made or “tie­down” shocks permitted. 

1. Springs: Only 1­7/8” inside diameter, 10” long, steel coil over springs permitted.  The spring must be mounted in coil over form over the shock.
2. No sway bars on the front or rear permitted.
But check with Jason Simental “Getzum” on here for clarification. 
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The only other approved shock as of now is the Afco 1564 but you will have to purchase their hardware kit which can get pricey. I've been taking to a person from Bilstein shocks about a replacement shock. I believe the pro shock hardware kits are interchangeable with Bilstein so that helps keep cost down. No decision has been made yet on approving Bilstein just yet.  

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