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Inner Tube Hoosier R-750 Tire?

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I have a right front 27.5 / 8-15 Hoosier R-750 with a pinhole in the tread area that only has 20 laps on it. The wheel is a economy Aero wheel.

Has anyone been successful running an inner tube in these tires? 

I'm not worried about the tube causing a slight pressure change in the tire. Right now I am just getting seat time. I would like to get one more 20 lap race out of it if possible.  

I am worried about getting the right size tube and the wheel not ripping off the valve stem. From the little bit of research I have done I don't see a tube size that fits exactly. 

If anyone has ran a tube in these tires please let me know.

Thank you in advance, Travis



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We would scrape and clean the area really well on the inside. Then build a decent amount of silicone that will bond to anything. Like the red or black that’s oil resistant. 

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