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Prayers, please, for James and Janette Huff

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My good friend James Huff is asking for prayer for Janette as she is back in the hospital with issues related to a broken vertebrae as well as a broken rib. She's in a lot of pain and James is feeling very helpless as she suffers and is asking for prayer for himself as he tries his best to keep positive. 

James and Janette are long-time Texas stock car racers, mostly in the Houston and Central Texas area. 

Things haven't been going well at his business with several important pieces of large equipment deciding to fail one right after the other and with both James and Janette being in the hospital a time or two over the past couple of years. 

If you know James and Janette at all well, you know they are hard working Texans who give to others far more than they ought and never ask anyone for anything.  But James is asking for prayer for both himself and Janette as they go through this tough season.  

James is in his mid 80s and still runs a major scrap yard in Houston complete with a magnet crane, several Mack trucks and a variety of trailers, fork lifts, etc.,  and two large yards.  I can't even keep up with projects around the house. 

Please pray for the Huffs. 

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Yep .....Janette, James, & Del Harris were some very Fierce Competitors at HMP in the Pro- Stock Cars back in the day a while back,  also later on for James & Del in the L/S Legacy's at HMP & CTS....

Great Racing Family.....

Prayers Indeed....

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