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Big paydays at TRP this Sunday, Sept 6

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Ok so it begins factory stocks, we are already guaranteeing $1300 to win with bonuses....

It is $1000 to win with regular pay after that meaning second now pays $500 which is the normal 1st....that’s on the track! Now Race on Texas has added $300 to the purse so 2nd through 7th will get an extra $50 per spot so thank you Race on Texas! L87 Speedway has added money to guarantee $50 to start the feature so now we are $1000 to win $50 to start plus the $300...additionally Martin David Koehne has put up an additional $100 for any of the top 4 willing to drop to the back, and an additional $100 if they win, also in play is a $100 for hard Charge from Martin David Koehne! Anyone else willing to throw in on this awesome weekend for some advertising time and make this even better! I tell you what if the cars show up we are going to make South Texas Racing Real Interesting...... jump on in the water is nice!


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5 hours ago, outlaw said:

What a night last night 198 cars in the pits and an awesome fan count.  

i heard it was 199 so which is it ..

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