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Tankersley Wrestles His Way from Sixth to Thrilling $2,000 'Bandits Victory at HOT!

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Tankersley Wrestles His Way from Sixth to Thrilling $2,000 'Bandits Victory at HOT!


Elm Mott, TX (7/11/20) by DarinShort.com. A 23-car Sprint Car Bandits series field loaded with talent would assemble on a hot summer night at HOT Speedway located at the north side of Waco Texas for the running of the Muscling Up The Dirt MDA Night. 6th place starter Channin Tankersley Racing would wrestle his way to the lead after a lap 16 restart and hold off a very hard charging Casey Burkham and Claud Estes III to take the $2,000 winners share back to the northern Houston suburbs. Tankersley would cross the checkers with a scant one car length to spare.


Earlier in the evening, tons of racing would take place in the Air Performance Heating and Air Conditioning qualifying heat races. 7th place heat race #2 starter Dale Wester would race his way past several drivers to garner the top qualifying spot for the feature event. The second highest points-getter was Preston Perlmutter after starting heat race #1 in the 6th position. Casey Burkham would collect the 3rd highest passing points after starting 8th behind Perlmutter in the same heat race. The fourth highest points-getter was Claud Estes III after winning heat #2 from his third starting spot. Tankersley would win his heat race from the pole - setting a dizzying pace of 11.69 seconds around the Heart O' Texas dirt oval...yet he only garnered enough points to start the feature event in 6th - as there were so many drivers that loaded up in passing points in their heats.


Daniel Estes would become the night's only non-starter after he developed engine woes while leading his heat race.


The 22-car starting field would get all of the Heart 'O Texas Speedway fans on their feet during the 4-wide salute parade lap and when the green flag flew, the first 16 laps whizzed right by with frenetic 3- and even 4-wide racing from the bottom to the top of track promoter Selby Holder's Heart O' Texas Speedway. Selby and the HOT track prep crew had the track prepped for full-tilt all night long, which was a real feat with the hot and blustery weather conditions.


Up until that point Dale Wester was blasting his way through lapped traffic (from lap 6 to 16) with Burkham, Estes and Tankersley each in close pursuit while trading sliders for position while they all continued to negotiate lapped traffic. It was full-scale pandemonium out there!


On the restart, Wester would slide slightly high entering corner one with the trio of Tankersley, Estes and Burkham blasting by on the bottom side, with Tankersley taking the lead, and as soon as that took place Estes would take command of the lead - only to be overtaken by Tankersley in the next corner! It was a wild sequence of events that only lasted the span of about 5 seconds - as the SCB teams were still setting a blistering pace atop the Heart O' Texas banked oval.


After the event's 2nd and final caution on lap 19 for a quick spin out, Tankersley would vault out to lead the field but when the field encountered lapped traffic on the final lap Burkham and Estes III would close the gap to one car length at Tankersley would reach the checkers first.


This event continues the streak of every single 2020 season Sprint Car Bandits feature events containing at least one lead change - which is a real feat with the quality of teams assembled for our events this year. And it's a real testament to the SCB series rules that continue to prove that a more sustainable way of racing sprint cars is possible - and without costing the racers added expense along the way. As a matter of fact, our 'one rear tire rule all night long' paired with our 20° wing angle rule has saved SCB series racers each thousands of dollars along the way - and we're really proud of that fact. It also has resulted in faster cars being able to pass easier - as evidenced once again last night.


EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Kathy Graham who sung a cappella in the SCB pit meeting "I'm Proud to Be an American" - which was a fitting and beautiful testament of the difficult times our nation is currently facing. Please take a moment to watch the video here:



Also, THANK YOU to www.facebook.com/Charliedoneitcreations for building a beautiful SCB feature winner award and for his work with the Central Texas MDA.


On that note, we enter our scheduled SCB Summer Break, which allows our teams and fans that like to travel around (specifically up north) the opportunity of doing so, without missing a beat down here - and gives time for the hot weather season to pass down here.


Our next scheduled SCB event will be at KENNEDALE SPEEDWAY PARK on Saturday, September 26th. Also be watching for more Series news, as we are also in the process of negotiating addition Fall 2020 SCB series events.


THANK YOU once again for everyone's support at this point in the season! Be safe out there and we look forward to seeing everyone soon when the Fall 2020 SCB season fires back up at KSP!


Click www.SprintCarBandits.com for more news and info.


A-feature results, Heart O' Texas Speedway Sprint Car Bandits 7/10/20:


1- Channin Tankersley (from 6th)
2- Casey Burkham (from 3rd)
3- Claud Estes III (from 4th)
4- John Ricketts (from 9th)
5- Marcus Thomas
6- Michael Day
7- Dale Wester
8- Colby Estes
9- Preston Perlmutter
10- Rodney Henderson (in his SCB series debut)
11- Austin Saunders
12- Kodey Keimig
13- Jerrad Warhurst (Davis Drug & Alcohol Testing Hard Charger Winner)
14- Todd Lovett (in his SCB series debut)
15- Mark Zoeller
16- Chance McCrary
17- Cody Stacy
18- Blake Mallory
19- Christian Kinnison
20- Junior Jenkins
21- Michael Merrell
22- Austin Burkham
23- Daniel Estes (DNS)

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