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Green, Swenson, Okruhlik, Torres, Tracy Win at I-37 Speedway, 6-20-20

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I-37 Speedway, 6-20-20

By JM Hallas


Pleasanton, TX.,(June 20th, 2020)


Happy Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year fortunately didn't mean the longest night of the night of the year.


As the summer heats up, so does the action after a weekend off. With points races beginning to shape up, every position becomes more and more important for drivers to get every position, and pressure on crews to have the cars prepared for battle.


All five regular classes were in action on the ¼ mile, semi-banked, oval Saturday night.(IMCA Modfieds, USRA Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks, Tuners, and the Late Models.)


Extra money was up for grabs in thee Limited Modifieds and Factory Stocks, plus some contingency stuff, and the Late Models had a drop back bonus for last weeks winner, Brandon Brzozowski, who accepted the challenge.


Green to Checkers for Green

There seems to be a trend starting, albeit a not-so-good one, in the IMCA Modifieds. Seems to be if your car gets torn up in the previous race, your chances of winning the next night out, is good. Like I said, a trend, just not a good one.


As the 13-car IMCA Modified feature took the green, Rick Green got good launch on the outside, but a spin in turn 2 restacked the field. On the next start it was Ryan Doyon from the pole out first, but Green powered around the outside off turn 2 to get out front trailed by Doyon, Logan Dinsmore, Chris Carroll and Donald Banker.


Past track champ, Greg Dinsmore, was able to get fifth from Banker before a spin by AJ Wernette, debuting a new car, for a caution. On the restart Carroll began pressuring L. Dinsmore for third until a second spin by Robert Liese brought the yellow back out.


Green got away on the restart while L. Dinsmore was looking for a way past Doyon for second. At the crossed flags it was Green, Doyon, L. Dinsmore, Carroll and Talon Minten in the top five. A quick yellow on lap 12 set up a single file restart to the finish.


As Green and Doyon cleared the way, L. Dinsmore and Carroll began a five lap, wheel to wheel, battle for third. Carroll, using the bottom, was finally able to get the spot. Up front Green(Liberty Hill) was holding a good margin on Doyon going on to take the checkers in his Greens Construction, Carroll Construction, Nate Mare Graphics, GM Crate, BMS by Carroll.


We threw everything at it from the heat to the feature,” replied Green. “I worked on it the whole time with Chris(Carroll) helping me. Shocks, springs, you name it. We did about everything to this car.”


The track was very rough tonight, but it was the fastest way around the track. You had to straddle them(holes) just right. I didn't feel it was too hard to get the lead on that second start. I didn't think that Ryan(Doyon) could do anything in that line. I messed up a couple times towards the end and I saw him.”


You had to run hammer down to get through the corners, then coming out it was dry slick and the car would get loose. I figured Chris or Greg(Dinsmore) would be coming. There's four or five cars than run up front and I knew would be there.”



Simpson Safety Products IMCA Modifieds

82 Rick Green, 5r Ryan Doyon, 15 Chris Carroll, 8gII Logan Dinsmore, 14t Talon Minten, 377 Donald Banker, 53x Chandler Fox, 55 Rick Tally, 924 Joshua Melancon, 37 AJ Wernette, 419 Johnny Melancon, 77 Robert Liese jr., 8g Greg Dinsmore


Modified heats

Heat 1; 5r Ryan Doyon, 15 Chris Carroll, 8g Greg Dinsmore, 8gII Logan Dinsmore, 82 Rick Green, 419 Johnny Melancon, 37 AJ Wernette


Heat 2; 377 Donald Banker, 14t Talon Minten, 77 Robert Liese jr., 53x Chandler Fox, 55 Rick Talley, 924 Joshua Melancon


Veteran Swenson Posts First Big Pay Day

Seventeen cars took the green for the USRA Limited Modified feature with Chris Swenson and Rusty Head staying side by side until Head secured the point chased by Swenson, Ryan Doyon, Heath Stewart and GW Egbert. Johnny Torres was quick to get by Egbert for fifth and along side Stewart for fourth.


Two separate spins in front of the lead group brought the track under yellow that saw last race winner, Allen Torres go up in smoke as the transmission let go causing a couple cars to spin in the fluid. Finally back to green flag racing, Doyon was trying low on Swenson, but Swenson fought him off and was looking high on Head.


Swenson was able to drive around Head to get the top spot on lap 8 while J. Torres and Stewart were back side by side for fourth. At halfway it was Swenson, Head, Doyon, J. Torres and Tom Grothues in the top five. Swenson slipped in turns 1-2 giving Head a good run on him down the back stretch, but Swenson righted the ship and held serve.


A lap 14 yellow rebunched the pack and it was nearly three wide in turn 1 for the lead as green waved. Swenson, Head and Doyon all sorted out in position with Head taking peeks low. As the white waved Swenson(Boerne) had a couple cars lengths that he held for the win in the Elhard A/C & Electrical, KD Graphix, Swenson Racing Shocks, Fletchers Race Engines, Express Chassis.


I've been hiding in the back here lately,” joked Swenson. “We started on the pole and the bottom just wasn't the place to be. So I jockeyed around and got myself on the high side.”


It's s slick out there on the top if you make a small mistake, it looks big. I made a couple. It's getting harder to win these things. These guys are getting really fast. We're just glad to be in Victory Lane tonight.”


I think my experience here helps me know what line to be in. I've run this track for a long time. I run the top a lot. I like the top better than the bottom. When the top comes in, like it did tonight, I feel I have a little advantage. The top has bit me a few times though. It's a fine line.”


Swenson Racing Products USRA Limited Modifieds

30 Chris Swenson, 55 Rusty Head, 5r Ryan Doyon, 66 Johnny Torres, 14h Heath Stewart, 9 Ray Doyon, 12 Roly Rodriguez, 95 Sterling Tausch, 7 Kevin Parker, 117 Jonathan Garcia, 3g Gary Hall jr., 11t Tom Grothues, 2 Talon Minten, 104 GW Egbert, 94 Allen Torres, 107 Kody Parker, 86 Alvin Featherston


Limited Modified heats

Heat 1; 30 Chris Swenson, 14h Heath Stewart, 11t Tom Grothues, 2 Talon Minten, 12r Roly Rodriguez, 7 Kevin Parker


Heat 2; 55 Rusty Head, 66 Johnny Torres, 94 Allen Torres, 9r Ray Doyon, 107 Kody Parker, 86 Alvin Featherston


Heat 3; 5r Ryan Doyon, 104 GW Egbert, 95s Sterling Tausch, 3g Gary Hall jr., 17 Johnathon Garcia


The 15-lap Late Model feature saw Brandon Brzozowski take the drop back challenge for a chance to pick up some additional cash. On green it was Howie Marcx first into turn 1, but Frank Okruhlik sailed around the outside to lead lap 1 with Marcx, Landon Sowder, Brzozowski and Aaron Driscoll in pursuit.


Brzozowski was able to work his way by Sowder and Marcx, but Okruhlik had already built a full straightaway advantage. A lap 6 spin by Driscoll erased the huge lead and gave a Brzozowski a good shot at Okruhlik, and the extra cash. Okruhlik got out by four car lengths on green as they came to halfway with Marcx and Sowder battling for third.


Brzozowski had a good run on Okruhlik on lap 12, but a slower car halted the charge. On the last lap Brzozowski again got a look, but again a lapped car stalled out the run giving Okruhlik(San Antonio) a clean path to the victory in the Billy Bobs Tire & Repair, United Rentals, Rising Star Bodies, All in Designs, 3-D Landscaping, MB Custom, Swenson Racing Components, GM Crate, Warrior Chassis.


I guess we got lucky,” explained Okruhlik. “That'll teach him to go to the back. The car felt great. It's the fastest that its been so far. Chris Swenson has got us on one heck of a package right now. It's got us hooked up pretty good. I've always been pretty good navigating traffic. I don't give them much time to think. I go around them however it takes.”


I probably bent the throttle pedal anticipating him coming. He's got to be in the back of your mind knowing he's fast and going to be there. I was confident with my line and knew if he was going to pass me he'd have to do something he wouldn't normally do. I just tried to hit my marks, keep it on the bottom and make him go around on top.”


Nogalitos Gear Late Models

99 Frank Okruhlik, 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 08 Landon Sowder, 13 Howie Marcx, 007 Aaron Driscoll, 17 Casey Lowe, 57 Jason Kelly—dns, 39 Barry Codling---dns


Late Model heat

Heat 1; 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 99 Frank Okruhlik, 08 Landon Sowder, 13 Howie Marcx, 007 Aaron Driscoll, 17 Casey Lowe, 57 Jason Kelly, 39 Barry Codling---dns


Torres Tops in Factory Stock Shootout

And shootout it was between Allen Torres and Josh Sewell as the duo swapped the lead several times during the 20-lap USRA Factory Stock feature. On green it was Sewell first into turn 1, but A. Torres, using the top, got along side Sewell on the back stretch. In the pack Johnny Johnson and Daniel Lopez tangled sending Lopez over, collecting Grant Wollam.


A. Torres and Sewell stayed door to door on the ensuing start with A. Torres edging out Sewell to lead lap 1. Behind them Dustin Hurley, George Quintanilla and Aaron Leddy sorted out. Still side by side, Sewell was able to get the bumper ahead to lead laps 2-3 with A. Torres retaking to point on lap 4.


Under yellow for a spin, the two had 'a little discussion' on who was the leader at the time of yellow. Some paint and insurance cards were exchanged during the 'discussion.' Finally back to green with A. Torres on point, it was Leddy, Quintanilla and Jesse Sandoval three wide for third.


A. Torres slipped in turn 2 giving Sewell the opportunity to get by to lead again on lap 8. Coming to halfway, A. Torres put a slide job on Sewell to regain the lead coming off turn 4 with Leddy, Sandval and Quintanilla round out the top five. Despite swapping the lead, A. Torres and Sewell still put distance on the field.


Mike Lyon went around after contact with Kasey Krauss for a lap 11 yellow. Robert Kelm got fifth from Quintanilla on the restart leaving Michael Keylich, Ray Long and Quintanilla three wide for seventh. Ronnie Sparks would tag the wall on lap 13 for the final yellow.


The single file restart saw A. Torres and Sewell quickly check out with Johnny Torres getting by Kelm for fifth. As the lead duo pulled away, Sandoval, J. Torres and Leddy had a good scrap for third going. As the white was shown, A. Torres(San Antonio) had about a six car length advantage on Sewell grabbing the win in his All In Designs, Swenson Racing Shocks, Allens 24/7 Towing, crate powered, Nova.


Josh(Sewell) and I had a good battle for the lead,” replied Torres. “We traded a little paint too. The last win was in a totally different car, totally different chassis. We did a lot of work on this car, the most we've ever done. It's the best it's ever been on slicks.”


We're going to have to sell this (leaf spring) car just because of the rules. This is the final year this car is legal on leaf springs. This is the first night we've had this thing really working on slicks. I wish I could stay in this car if this keeps up.”


All In Design USRA Factory Stocks

94 Allen Torres, 38 Josh Sewell, 93 Aaron Leddy, 44t Johnny Torres, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 48 Robert Kelm, 20rl Ray Long, 49k Michael Keylich, 23 Kyle Kirkland, 4d Dustin Hurley, 75 Jerry Miller, 23k Kasey Krauss, 20 Mike Lyon, 10 Scott Jerkins, 36 George Quintanilla, 33h Cody Henderson, 22 Ronnie Sparks, 19 Jennifer Kidd, 28 Daniel Lopez, 26 Grant Wollam, 43 Johnny Johnson


Factory Stock heats

Heat 1; 38 Josh Sewell, 4d Dustin Hurley, 48 Robert Kelm, 33h Cody Henderson, 23 Kyle Kirkland, 22 Ronnie Sparks, 23k Kasey Krauss


Heat 2; 94 Allen Torres, 44t Johnny Torres, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 20 Mike Lyon, 20rl Roy Long, 28 Daniel Lopez, 10 Scott Jerkins



Heat 3; 93 Aaron Leddy, 36 George Quintanilla, 75 Jerry Miller, 49k Michael Keylich, 43 Johnny Johnson, 26 Grant Wollam, 19 Jennifer Kidd


Tracy Tops in Tuners

The normally wild and wooly USRA Tuner feature went green to checkers in their 20-lap feature with a new face in the I-37 Winners Circle when the checkered flag waved. It was three wide for lead as the green waved between Ada. Tracy, Johnny Ervin and Ryan McDonald with Ada. Tracy sorting out with the lead ahead of McDonald, Ervin, Dylan Kowalik and Bandon McCall


McCall took fourth from Kowalik then picked up spots after Ervin and McDonald made contact. Jamie Garner also found an opening going by Ervn for third. At halfway it was Ada. Tracy, McCall, Garner, Ervin, almost nose to tail and Kowalik.


With the lead group now in traffic, Brian Schoenbaum, who started out back after heat race issues, made his way into the top five on lap 14. In the closing laps Garner was challenging McCall with Schoenbaum side by side with Ervin. At the checkers it was Ada. Tracy(Stockdale) in the Ab-Trac, A&W Truck Sales, Tracy Oil & Gas, Chevy Cobalt taking his first I-37 Speedway win. Garner edged out McCall for second by a bumper.


My first win at this track,” said Tracy. “Ive won at 82 Speedway and Cotton Bowl, but they run IMCA rules so my USRA car wasn't legal. It was an interesting race. Running up front for 20 laps was probably the most stressed I've been. I was yelling at the flagman every lap, come on give me the white flag. Not my first win, but definitely my best so far.”


I was looking over my shoulder not just for Brian(Schoenbaum). I figured if we just didn't have a caution that I could hold them off. I was trying to hold a middle line. I know Brian Likes the bottom and figured I could cover both easily. It was more Brandon McCall I was looking for. We're good pals and I look up to him to learn the car since we drive the same make.”


In March I got into the wall and upside down sliding down the front stretch. We got it ready again and two weeks ago and got pushed off the track and I overcorrected and this thing barrel rolled. The car has taken a beating around the state.”


Brown Chevrolet USRA Tuners

34 Adam Tracy, 33 Jamie Garner, 14 Brandon McCall, 44 Johnny Ervin, 719 Brian Schoenbaum, 29k Dylan Kowalik, 46 Johnathon Cervantes, 816 Ryan McDonald, 14t Shaun Tracy, 01t Adolph Tracy, 11j Josh Jones, 007 Devin Tracy, 950 Charles Oebel, 93 Colton Borlace, 00 Michael Faulkner, 13 Hanna Miller


Tuner heats

Heat 1; 816 Ryan McDonald, 14 Brandon McCall, 33 Jamie Garner, 93 Colton Borlace, 46 Jonathon Cervantes, 11j Josh Jones, 007 Devin Tracy, 01t Adolph Tracy


Heat 2; 34 Adam Tracy, 44 Johnny Ervin, 29k Dylan Kowalik, 14t Shaun Tracy, 950 Charles Oebel, 13 Hanna Miller, 719 Brian Schoenbaum, 00 Michael Faulkner




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