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Funny Car Chaos @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/13/20

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Funny Car Chaos @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/12-13/20

By JM Hallas


Marion TX.,(June 13th, 2020) With two rounds of qualifying under their belts the Funny Car Chaos group ran one more round to set the two 8-car fields competing in eliminations later in the day. Terry Haddock leads 'group A' qualifying with a record setting set of numbers while Andy Mears comes in atop of 'group B', with everyone having a chance to improve their number and move up, or down, the elimination ladder.


Funny Car Chaos qualifying, round 3

Ken Singleton, 3.7297 @ 205.86

Jonathan Johnson, 3.8662 @ 193.30

Steve Vang, 4.3552 @ 155.28

Dustin Bradford, 4.5500 @ 139.02

Jeff Cameron, 4.5862 @ 154.32

Jordan Bellew, 4.8994 @ 142.00

Chris Schneider, 5.0946 @ 101.17

Chuck Loftin, 5.376 @ 96.11

Robert Slaughter, 5.4072 @ 137.53

Tod Barker, 5.5451 @ 85.49

Randy Mueller, 5.6697 @ 120.77

Clay Cunningham, 8.7245 @ 47.43


Now, with the fields set it was time to get down to business and see who would come out on top of the Alamo City Motorplex portion of the Funny Car Chaos series.


Prior to round 3 of FCC qualifying the other classes(Dirty South Gassers, Southwest Superchargers, Top Sportsman, 6.00 & 7.00 Index) all ran time trials as they prepared for battle between rounds of FCC eliminations.


As temperatures reached into the mid 90's late in the day it was true test to find a good set up to make it down the track where temperatures hit near 140. That set up would change throughout the evening as air and track temperatures went down, while humidity levels went up. A true test for both tracks and competitors crews to stay on top of conditions.



Funny Car Chaos

Group A

The finals in group came down, as it should, to the two fastest cars on the property, Terry Haddock(Temple) and Ken Singleton(Chickisha, Ok.). Singleton, in his alcohol car, put a tree job on Haddock, in his nitro car, getting almost a tenth and a half. Singleton, in his Auto FX, Boyd Singleton Welding, Marshall Auto Parts, Gavin Wrecker Service, Bates Repair Service, CarX City, Texas Two Step, in-house powered, McKinney Chassis copy by Singleton, also out performed Haddock in the Strutmasters, Fischer Body Shop, Ford Mustang as Haddock appeared to eat up the motor on the top end and kick out a rod.



Consistency all weekend long was the key,” said Singleton. “The car ran low .70's all weekend long. Everyone did their job and the track was awesome. I couldn't ask for a better weekend. We did change some things(in the finals) that might speed it up, but we didn't want to beat ourselves either. We just did our deal.”


With Terry Haddock here it's my Top Alcohol car and his Top Fuel car. If I can luck out and win that deal it's something that doesn't happen very often. We cut an .01 light on that lap. I knew I had to do all that I could do because if he ran a number, the light is the only way I could beat him. My car is a .70s car and his is a .50s, that's 2/10th I need to make up somewhere.”


Ken Singleton, 3.7244 @ 206.33 defeats Terry Haddock, 3.7551 @ 184.50


Singleton got by Steve Vang in round 1, then Ronny Young in round 2 after a good side by side battle. Haddock got huge break in round 1 when Chris Schneider continued on down the track after his burnout while Haddock had trouble just limping down the track. In round 2 Nick Poloson put up a fight, but the win went to Haddock.


Group B

The #9 and #11 qualifiers paired off in group B pitting Clay Cunningham(Dumas) against Jeff Camerron(Magnolia). Cameron, in his Dooley & Sons, Be an Angel, 582 Chevy powered, 93 Firebird got a half a tenth on the start, but Cunningham in his Still Crazy II, 511 BAE Hemi powered Dodge Daytona drove around him at the big end to score the victory.


Clay Cunningham, 4.4277 @ 143.18 defeats Jeff Cameron, 4.6277 @ 152.59


Cunningham bested Randy Mueller in round 1, then ended the night for Jordan Bellew. Cameron got past Robert Slaughter, then trailered Dustin Bradford in the semi's.


Southwest Superchargers

In a 'round robin' tournament sort of eliminations it came down to Steve Matthews(Marietta, Ok) and Dennis Smith(Boerne). Matthews, in his 406 Chevy powered Dragster laid an .039 light on Smith, in his Nogalitos Gear, 532 Chevy powered Dragster, and needed every bit of it forcing Smith to out run the 4.50 index on the big end trying to catch up.


Steve Matthews, 4.7209 @ 146.39 defeats Dennis Smith, 4.4419 @ 156.03


Top Sportsman(4.90 Index)

It was youth and exuberance versus old age and treachery in the Top Sportsman finals between Austin Philpot(Boerne), who came up through the Jr. Dragster ranks, and track veteran Mike Atkinson(Cibilo). The young Philpot, in his Rehrer & Morrison, 2009 Cavalier laid a .017 light on Atkinson in the Hemi Dodge Daytona, who wasn't that far off at .054. Philpot carried his advantage to to the victory.


Austin Philpot, 5.0137 @ 129.38 defeats Mike Atkinson, 5.0290 @ 142.50


6.00 Index

In a Ford vs Chevy finale it was Jeff Rabedeau(Canyon Lake) in his Ford Mustang matching up with Ryan McDonnell in his S-10 Chevy Pick-up. Both went red at the start with McDonnell the worst offender giving the win to Rabedeau.


Jeff Rabedeau(-.007) 6.0020 @ 112.00 defeats Ryan McDonnell(-.031) 7.9126 @ 59.98


On his way to the finals Rabedeau beat J. Stacy, Bobby Banks, J. Garza and JR Galvan. McDonnell rebought after round 1 loss to Todd Robinson, then knocked out M. Dodd, got revenge over Robinson and took a bye in round 4.


7.00 Index

In the 7.00 Index finals it was Jonathon Hernandez(Pleasanton) in his 3rd Gen. Camaro going head to head with Mike Jenkins(Markham) in his 83 Mustang. Hernandez treed Jenkins by 2/10th and that was pretty much all she wrote as long as Hernandez didn't break out, which he didn't.


Jonathon Hernandez 7.0700 @ 87.24 defeats Mike Jenkins, 7.0903 @ 97.30


Hernandez bettered N. Martinez, J. Stacy, J. Garza and McDougal while Jenkins beat Littlefield, Todd Zampese, David Bixler and got a round 3 bye.


Dirty South Gassers

The DSG group ran basically a test-n-tune with call out grudge show so no real winners or losers. Just some cool old cars putting on a show for the fans.

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