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Funny Car Chaos @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/12/20

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Funny Car Chaos @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/12-13/20

By JM Hallas


Marion, TX.,(June 12th, 2020) For those missing the cackle of Nitro Funny Cars it's a big weekend at Alamo City Motorplex, just outside of San Antonio. It's been several years since a field of Funny Cars raced in anger, but the Funny Car Chaos group stepped up to fill the void. The FCC group is a touring series running tracks around the country in several states, for championship points.


With two events in the 2020 books(Lufkin, Tx, Oskaloosa, Ia) defending Champion Ken Singleton(High Risk) leads the points by 9 over Steve Vang(Weekend Warrior) and Chris Schneider(Brutus) tied for second.


Some of the cars closely resemble their modern day counterparts, while others carry nostalgia bodies, but still pack a potent punch. Nitro fumes and header flames at night always bring in the fans to experience the adrenaline rush as they leave the line running the 1/8th mile track, some in under 4 seconds, and near 200mph.


Friday was day 1 for qualifying for the FCC class, with one more session set for Saturday, before eliminations later in the day. Qualifying is different than national sanctions being broken down into two groups based on qualifying times, the top 8 and the next 8 in a second group, with each group running their own rounds of eliminations. Double your pleasure, double your fun, so to speak.


During the drivers meeting, ACM Promoter Rodney Rocha threw in $100 for the nights fast qualifier. Then another $100 was added, and another, and another, then $50. FCC Series Promoter Chris Graves sealed the deal with another $50 making a total $500 Bonus.


The weekends events also included an open test-n-tune Friday with former NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Champion, Tony Schumacher on hand signing autographs between rounds.


Other classes on the racing slate include the Dirty South Gassers in their nostalgia car exhibition, Southwest Superchargers with multiple styles ranging from Dragsters to Altereds, and regulars competing in Top Sportsman and two index classes(6.00 and 7.00)


Making an appearance both nights is the Jet Dragster of Ray Kelley lighting up the night skies.


Ken Singleton took the first step towards the $500 fast qualifier bonus laying down a 3.7136 @ 204.92 with Johnathon Johnson timing in second and Chuck Loftin third out of the 15 cars that timed in.



Funny Car Chaos qualifying, round 1

Ken Singleton, 3.7136 @ 204.92

Johnathon Johnson, 3.8048 @ 203.07

Curtis Loftin, 3.8194 @ 194.47

Nick Poloson, 3.8568 @ 198.59

Ronny Young, 3.8873 @ 193.47

Steve Vang, 4.2353 @ 168.04

Terry Haddock, 4.5120 @ 105.19

Jeff Cameron, 4,6381 @ 136.24

Jordan Bellew, 5.1077 @ 135.99

Chris Schneider, 5.1098 @ 128.87

Andy Mears, 5.4454 @ 127.80

Damon Kuhn, 6.4446 @ 111.06

Randy Mueller, 8.1755 @ 52.59

Robert Slaughter, 8.5900 @ 55.60



In round 2 conditions were right and Terry Haddock took advantage of that. Not only did Haddock jump to the number 1 qualifying but do so in record fashion. Haddock's 3.5459 @ 234.74 was not only a series ET and speed record, but also a ACM track record for an 1/8th mile pass. Singleton stood on his round pass while Johnson bettered his time to stay third.



Funny Car Chaos qualifying, round 2

Terry Haddock, 3.5459 @ 234.74(track record, series record)

Ken Singleton, 3.7424 @ 213.68

Johnathon Johnson, 3.7575 @ 202.34

Chris Schneider, 4.3889 @ 161.52

Clay Cunningham, 4.5375 @ 131.31

Jeff Cameron, 4.6314 @ 152.23

Tod Barker, 4.6411 @ 122.45

Jordan Bellew, 4.9946 @ 139.15

Andy Mears, 5.4608 @ 126.90

Randy Mueller, 5.4612 @ 125.98

Damon Kuhn, 5.9880 @ 124.55

Ronny Young, 10.5090 @ 49.02



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4 hours ago, HiTech said:

well reb can still see . but could you still hear after that ..

Between headphones at eardrum bleeding decibel levels as a kid, rock concerts amplifiers, power tools and race cars.....What did you say?....lol...My ears ring so loud sometimes I wonder how other people cant hear it.

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what did you say .. all the amplifiers  rock and country concerts  power tools racecars dirt bikes  racing boat motors  years  on drilling rigs sleeping between the motors to keep warm .. refinery work heavy equipment operations  working with explosives   and eardrums bleeding decibels all through my life .. I love it loud .. and the wife screaming at me ..  I have to wonder the same .. not to mention year around sinus issues that plug my ears .//  . a thought came to mind  .. maybe its your ringing I am hearing .  

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