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Dash for Cash, North vs South Shootout @ I-37 Speedway 6/6/20

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Dash for Cash, North vs South Shootout @ I-37 Speedway 6/6/20

By JM Hallas


Pleasnaton TX.,(June 6th, 2020)

After a two week scheduled hiatus, I-37 Speedway was back on track this Saturday with all five of the regular classes returning to action(IMCA Modifieds, USRA Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and Tuners, Late Models) on the ¼ mile semi-banked ¼ mile dirt oval.


Extra cash was up for grabs in two classes with the USRA Limited Modifieds running a 'Dash for Cash' winner-take-all shootout for $150 among the top six qualified cars.


In the USRA Tuner class it was 'North vs South' battle for the state honors with an increased purse and commemorative belt buckle awaiting the winner. Over 25 cars showed up from around the state vying for the title of top tuner.


Carroll Comes Back for Modified Cash

The two week break in racing was a blessing for Chris Carroll(Spring Branch) whose car suffered significant damage in the last outing. Carroll started in row 4 and caught then leader, Rick Green in traffic to get by. In the latter stages Carroll had to fend off rookie Logan Dinsmore, fresh off his high school graduation.


As the 12-car IMCA Modified feature fired off it was Ryan Doyon out first. After some contact between Chandler Fox and Johnny Melancon, Landon Bednarz moved to second followed by Rick Green, Robert Liese and Carroll. Marlin Samford and Fox made contact on lap 2 for an early caution.


On the restart Green and Carroll both got past Bednarz for second and third while Dinsmore got by Liese for fifth. Green then began to pressure Doyon for the lead getting along side and by coming to halfway showing Green, Doyon, Carrroll, Bednarz and Dinsmore in the tip five.


Carroll was able to take second from Doyon as Dinsmore went side by side with Bednarz for fourth. The lead duo caught lapped traffic and Green picked the wrong lane and got hung behind two slower cars giving Carroll the chance to drive around the top for the lead on lap 15. Green, Fox and Rick Talley tangled in turn 3 for a yellow that sent Green to the rear.


Back to green with Carroll on point, Dinsmore got past Doyon for second and gave Carroll a look on the outside. Dinsmore got run up into the fluff when Carroll looked to over drive turn 1 and lost a little ground. In turn 4 Dinsmore looped it, collecting Green, Melancon, Liese and Donald Banker bringing out a red. All drivers were alright after some hard hits, cars not so much.


When racing resumed it was Carroll jumping out quickly with Bednarz and Jamie Campbell batting for third. Campbell got the spot and was looking low on Doyon for second. Campbell got by on the final lap but had no time to try to catch Carroll as he took the checkers in his Carroll Construction, Green Construction, Shawn Hart Music, SLC Paving, crate powered GRT by Carroll Chassis.


“This was Ricks(Green) race,” replied Carroll, He clearly had the better car tonight. Everything just fell my way. I was watching Rick, he was gone. It's easier being in second place sometimes when you get to traffic. My plan was not to wreck my racecar again. I didn't care if I had to finish tenth. I'm too old and too tired to keep fixing it.”


“I saw Logan on that restart up top once I got the lead and decided I better step on it. I saw a black nose and knew the 5 car didn't have anything for me so I figured it had to be Logan. Greg and I have been racing together a while, I would do anything to help his boy win a race and I would have been excited for him.”


“It was a lot fun. We spent a lot of time getting the car back to where it needs to be. Rick and I have so much fun working on these stupid racecars.”


IMCA Modifieds

15 Chris Carroll, 29 Jamie Campbell, 5r Ryan Doyon, 16 Landon Bednarz, 419 Johnny Melancon, 55 Rick Talley, 8g Logan Dinsmore, 77 Robert Liese jr., 377 Donald Banker, 82 Rick Green, 53x Chandler Fox, 31 Marlin Samford


Modified heats

Heat 1; 5r Ryan Doyon, 15 Chris Carroll, 77 Robert Liese, 419 Johnny Melancon, 16 Landon Bednarz, 55 Rick Talley


Heat 2; 82 Rick Green, 129 Jamie Campbell, 8g Logan Dinsmore, 377 Donald Banker, 53x Chandler Fox, 31 Marlin Samford


Torres Tallies in Limited Modified

At the start of the 20-lap USRA Limited Modified feature it was a battle for bragging rights between the two Torres brothers, Johnny and Allen. It J. Torres getting the early edge chased by A. Torres, Ryan Doyon, Chris Swenson and Talon Minten. T. Minten began to put the heat on Swenson for second.


Up front A. Torres was up top looking to get by his brother driving around him for the top spot on lap 3. Sherrill Lewis and Tom Grothues made contact on lap 4 for a caution that saw Doyon, T. Minten and Swenson three wide for third on the restart. After Swenson slid too high and fell back, T. Minten and Doyon stayed side by side for third.


A. Torres was inching away at the crossed flags trailed by J. Torres, T. Minten, Doyon and Heath Stewart. T. Minten ran down J. Torres and they began a fight for second that saw the two wheel to wheel on lap 15. A. Torres got a scare on lap 16 when he got run off turn 1 trying to lap a slower car.


Alton Fambro slowed and rolled to stop just short off the pit exit for a lap 17 caution. On the restart, T. Minten tried to dive in turn 1 under A. Torres, but the top line prevailed as A. Torres held the point going on the score the victory in the Allens 24/7 Towing, All in Designs, Sundowner Diesel Performance, Fletchers Race Engines, IRP Chassis.


“Big night,” exclaimed Torres. “Winning two races on the same night. The Factory Stock and Limited Modified are kind of similar chassis wise, just different tires. So running both classes is some help.”


“It's good satisfaction racing with Johnny and beating him. We had a good night. Jason Ingalls does awesome chassis work.”


Swenson Racing Products USRA Limited Modifieds

94 Allen Torres, 2 Talon Minten, 66 Johnny Torres, 14h Heath Stewart, 5r Ryan Doyon, 9 Newton Barta, 95s Sterling Tausch, 31L Sherrill Lewis, 11t Tom Grothues, 08 Alton Fambro, 30k Chris Swenson, 117 Johnathon Garcia, 24r Robby Minten---dnsA. Torres


Limited Modified Dash for Cash; 66 Johnny Torres, 94 Allen Torres, 30 Chris Swenson, 5r Ryan Doyon, 24r Robby Minten, 2 Talon MInten


Limited Modified heats

Heat 1; 94 Allen Torres, 30k Chris Swenson, 2 Talon Minten, 08 Alton Fambro, 14 Heath Stewart, 11t Tom Grothues, 117 Johnathon Garcia


Heat 2; 66 Johnny Torres, 5r Ryan Doyon, 24r Robby Minten, 31L Sherrill Lewis, 95 Sterling Tausch, 9 Newton Barta---dns


Brzozowski Best In Late Model

Eight cars took the green in the Late Model feature with Brandon Brzozowski coming off turn 2 with lead but Jason Kelly spun off turn 3 for a complete restart. On the next try, former track champ Trey Votion got a run on Brzozowski down the back stretch, but it was Brzozowski back up front on lap 1 with Votion, Okruhlik, Landon Sowder and Kelly back to fifth.


Brzozowski was able to pull away until Sowder went around for a lap 5 yellow. Brzozowski was able to get away clean as the two 99's, of Votion and Okruhlik, battled for second. At halfway it was Brzozowski pulling away, with Okruhlik, Votion, Kelly and Howie Marcx filling out the top five.


As Okruhlik and Votion continued their scrap for second, Brzozowski motored away. As the white waved, Brzozowski(La Vernia) had built nearly a half track advantage easily taking the checkers in his Billy Bobs Tire & Repair, Lone Star Pressure Equipment, Shaeffers Racing Oil, Texas Industrial Radiator, The Trash Can Cleaners, Magnum Pressure Washers, Pressure Pro, 602 crate powered Rocket XR1 Chassis.


“We've got a good car underneath us,” said Brzozowski. “This is only the second time out in this car. We worked on it since the last race. Then we worked on it until 3:00am on race day. We were happy with a second place that day. It felt really good this race.”


“As racers we're here to race. Once I got clear of everyone and couldn't hear anyone behind me I backed off a little and put it on cruise. If saw someone poke nose in there I'd go harder. I went hard the last lap to make sure no one tried anything. I've lost a STLMS race here before on the last lap. When you're running out front you don't know where everyone is at.”


“We're just running it here right now. We've got the smaller crate in it, the other guys have a bigger motor. It's just a matter of getting it hooked up, making good laps. If we get it dialed in we may run some STLMS or the DFW crate series with it.”


“Kody(Hardage) was trying a 2 barrel on his 604 this week and had some issues with it. They tried to fix it but it was stumbling, running out of fuel on the straightaway, getting it hot so he couldn't make the feature. He made the smart choice to load it up.”


Nogalitos Gear Late Models

104 Brandon Brzozowski, 99f Frank Okruhlik, 99 Trey Votion, 57 Jason Kelly, 13 Howie Marcx, 53x Matt Fox, 08 Landon Sowder, 007 Aaron Driscoll, 12 Kody Hardage---dns


Limited Late Model heats

Heat 1; 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 99 Trey Votion, 12 Kody Hardage, 53 Matt Fox, 007 Aaron Driscoll


Heat 2; 99f Frank Okruhlik, 08 Landon Sowder, 57 Jason Kelly, 13 Howie Marcx


Torres Tallies Twice

The start of the scheduled 20-lap USRA Factory Stock feature saw Allen Torres and Josh Sewell stay door to door until Torres inched ahead with Sewell, Robert Lyon, Dakota Hurley and three wide scrap between Daniel Preston, Katherine Keylich and George Quintanilla for fifth in pursuit. The red was out quickly on lap 1 when K. Keylich tagged the front stretch wall and got drilled by Robert Keylich.


On the restart Da. Hurley tried to dive under Torres, but gave second back up to Sewell. A lap later Da. Hurley would spin in turn 1 and collect Quintanilla. Back to green Torres got out with Michael Keylich and Sewell side by side for second while Preston and R. Lyon were door to door for fourth.


Behind the lead group, Clint Montanio, Quintanilla and Elgin Tracy were three wide for eighth. Lap 8 saw Kasey Krauss loop it in turn 2 setting up a series of yellows/restarts that saw Tommy Grimes go off the turn 3 hill, then get tangled with Scott Jerkins on the ensuing restart. This prompted officials to cut the race on time.


This set up a green, white, checker finish with a single file restart. Torres got a good jump on the start getting away from Sewell and M. Keylich. Behind them Preston and R. Lyon were fighting for fourth. At the checkers it was Torres(San Antonio), in the Jamie Fuller owned, Reflective Wrecker, All in Designs, Club20 Shocks, raceontexas.com, I-37 Speedway, 602 crate powered Outlaw Race Car.


“I knew there wasn't much on the bottom so I just kept my line up top,” said Torres. They could duck inside me going in, but there was no bite coming off on the bottom. I not only have never driven this car, but never driven a metric Factory Stock ever. First time, first win, I want one now! It's night and day difference between this car and a leaf spring car. I need to thank Jamie for letting me drive it.”


All In Design USRA Factory Stocks

32 Allen Torres, 38 Josh Sewell, 49k Michael Keylich, 48 Robert Lyon, 6 Daniel Preston, 09 Clint Montanio, 75 Jerry Miller, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 36 George Quintanilla, 41t Elgin Tracy, 20rl Roy Long, 98 William Saunders, 33h Cody Henderson, 22t Tommy Grimes, 23k Kasey Krauss, 10 Scott Jerkins, 22 Ronnie Sparks, 385 Albert Medellin, 19 Jennifer Kidd, 28 Daniel Lopez, 4d Dustin Hurley, 40 Dakota Hurley, 44k Katherine Keylich, 92r Robert Keylich, 20 Mike Lyon---dns


Factory Stock heats

Heat 1; 38 Josh Sewell, 44k Katherine Keylich, 6 Daniel Preston, 49k Michael Keylich, 28 Daniel Lopez, 75 Jerry Miller, 33h Cody Henderson, 19 Jennifer Kidd, 98 William Saunders


Heat 2; 32 Allen Torres, 36 George Quintanilla, 385 Albert Medillin, 23k Kasey Krauss, 92r Robert Keylich, 10 Scott Jerkins, 4d Dustin Hiurley, 20rl Roy Long


Heat 3; 40 Dakota Hurley, 48 Robert Lyon, 20 Mike Lyon, 09 Clint Montanio, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 22t Tommy Grimes, 41t Elgin Tracy, 22 Ronnie Sparks


Newbie Newberry Tames Tuners

Twenty-three of the 26 USRA Tuners took the green for the 20-lap feature with Scott Newberry getting the lead off turn 2 pursued by Derek Cates, Colton Mooney, Dylan Kowalik and Colton Borlace. Brian Schoenbaum quickly joined the fight getting past Borlace for fifth then Kowalik for fourth.


The third red of the night was waved on lap 6 when Michael Burris jr and Adam Tracy made contact with Ada. Tracy flipping hard on the front stretch. Just as the green came back out, yellow came on after a drone crashed landed on the front stretch,(a first for me), and was run over.


Sadly, the drone didn't survive the incident.


Once back to racing, the outside lane was slow taking off stacking up the row, shuffling positions moving Johnny Ervin up to fourth. Ervin and Brandon McCall made contact sending McCall into Schoenbaum who was forced through infield giving up more spots. At the mid point it was Newberry, Cates, McCall, Ervin and Mooney in the top five.


Yellow waved on lap 11 when defending track champ Jamie Garner broke and stopped in turn 3. On the restart Newberry and Cates got away while Ervin and McCall battled for third. Schoenbaum had just taken fifth from Mooney when Johnathon Cervantes went off the turn 2 hill. On the single file restart, Ervin slipped in turns 3-4 with Mooney and Schoenbaum getting by.


The final caution waved on lap 17 when Borlace lost the right front and stopped in turn 4 on the edge of the track. On the shootout to the finish, Schoenbaum got by McCall and was side by side with Cates for second. This gave Newberry some breathing room on his way to win in the Love Field Auto, KYB, Excel Parts, Chevy Cobalt.


“This track is real similar to Big O Speedway,” commented Newberry. “We just ran what we normally run. It's pretty close on the set up. You always try to go out with a plan to save a little for the end. Then there's fast guys behind you that are going to be pushing you. I just try to get around the lapped cars as clean as possible. Doesn't always work.”


“You always wonder if someone is finding as faster line. At one point I looked down and saw the nose inside. I thought I'd better stay on the bottom. The top wasn't working as good as I thought it would. I had to adjust my line in the middle of the race.”


“I caught myself looking for where Brian(Schoenbaum), Derek(Cates), Colton(Mooney) and the 14 car, who I don't know, were. They're all fast cars gunning for you when you're out front.”


Brown Chevrolet USRA Tuners

11s Scott Newberry, 580 Derek Cates, 719 Brian Schoenbaum, 44 Johnny Ervin, 816 Ryan McDonald, 01 Adolph Tracy, 18 Michael Burris jr., 14t Shaun Tracy, 28L Levi Hernandez, 97 Jack Lewis, 950 Charles Oebel, 14 Brandon McCall, 93 Colton Borlace, 6m Colton Mooney, 46 Johnathon Cervantes, 33 Jamie Garner, 34 Adam Tracy, 59 Rick Saupp, 24 Patrick Miller, 4 Stephanie Green, 29t Dylan Kowalik, 11z Chris Lynn, 74 Jeremy Hernandez, 13 Hanna Miller---dns,007 Devin Tracy---dns, 88 Justin Sitterle---dns


Tuner heats

Heat 1; 29t Dylan Kowalik, 46 Johnathon Cervantes, 59 Rick Saupp, 34 Adam Tracy, 950 Charles Oebel, 74 Jeremy Hernandez, 88 Justin Sitterle


Heat 2; 580 Derek Cates, 44 Johnny Ervin, 28L Levi Hernandez, 97 Jack Lewis, 24 Patrick Miller, 13 Hanna Miller, 007 Devin Tracy


Heat 3; 11s Scott Newberry, 93 Colton Borlace, 14 Brandon McCall, 816 Ryan McDonald, 4 Stephanie Green, 01 Adolph Tracy


Heat 4; 719 Brian Schoenbaum, 6m Colton Mooney, 11z Chris Lynn, 18 Michael Burris jr., 33 Jamie Garner, 14t Shaun Tracy

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