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Both Mr. Howell and Mr. Upchurch possessed strong wills.  Mr. Howell believed the TIDA fees were excessive and Mr. Upchurch felt that what SAIS was offering fell far short of what the series deserved. 

Once their respective positions were presented, they apparently refused to compromise and a stalemate ensued.

Frankly, of all the tracks the TIDA Late Models ran, the San Antonio half-mile was ideally suited for their horsepower and suspension capabilities. 

I offered to step in and serve as an arbitrator on several occasions, but was rebuffed by one side or the other. 



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On 8/5/2020 at 10:07 AM, RodneyRodriguez said:

wish we still had all those tracks in operation so these people could bicker about things like this lol

man talk about poeple who live in the past ..  .lol silent typing here  i am not one of those poeple .. .......

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