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TSTRS 2020 Schedule

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Here is our 2020 schedule - if all trends well as Houston & Texas start to open, we will stick to this!  

Practice this Saturday - gates open at 10am close at 5pm.  If you need to stay a little later - I am open to that just ask!

If any racers are going to have trouble getting to the first couple of racers bc of a job loss, income loss etc.  PLEASE reach out to me!


Gina (713) 907-0906



NASCAR Houston 2020 (1).JPG

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Many moons ago ... I introduced a partnership program called SOS.  It stood for "Support Our Staff". 

I got local gas stations, super markets, department stores, movie theaters, etc... to provide gift certificates for my speedway staff's day-to-day needs.  It was a win-win for everyone.

All the participating sponsors were listed on a special sign as fans came thru the gates and my announcer plugged the hell out of them throughout every race. 

Perhaps you could use a similar platform to promote SOAR.  Support Our Auto Racers.  Sponsors absolutely love being hero's!!! 

Good luck Gina!

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