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iRacing pro invitational series #2 @ Texas starts now!

It ain't real racing - but it's live motorsport exposure on network TV.  Kudos to NASCAR!

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its actually fun to watch

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I agree, enjoyed it more then I figured I would.  The fellas displayed great car control & strategy throughout the race.

Then I realized what it could do for NASCAR?  Kids/adults are addicted to video screens.  Kids/adults love to prove their stuff.  This is a perfectly safe platform for everyone to hone their skills and strut their stuff.

I remember back in 1979 when the east coast was stuck indoors because of a huge snow storm.  Had nothing else to do but watch some redneck race called the Daytona 500

That opportunity to perform in front of a captive audience ... put NASCAR on the national map!

Maybe lightning can strike twice with this iRacing platform ... and we can make some new lemonade out of this virus nightmare?

I wonder how much it cost to get involved??  Maybe I'll dust off my old racing gear and get back behind the wheel???

Cause, the older I get ... the faster I was!!!  :D








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