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 If you would be interested in competing in iRacing events against other NASCAR Home Track racers please email, text or message me your email address & phone number. I am making a list for NASCAR - they will get you on their list and schedule events for you.

I need this info ASAP.

They select tracks and drivers randomly from NASCAR tracks across the US. You may get put into races with racers you never compete against.


Email: gina@txarp.com
Text (713) 907-0906


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The more I look into iRacing as a training tool when I’m off the track it makes all the sense. 

I curious how a track like HMP would be able to get “digitized”? I think it creates a completely different experience for drivers and spectators. 

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Iracing has high tech laser scanners that scan the tracks.  it picks up every bump and imperfection in the track to make it as realistic as possible.   

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