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Raymond DelaHoussaye Drivers

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Here is a list of drivers I have come up with so far that have raced a car for Raymond's team on Asphalt. Some raced several races and others one or two.

Originally I was going to attempt to put together both dirt and asphalt along with wins for each driver, but I quickly noticed that was next to impossible... Even the wins on asphalt alone is a very large amount.

I know I personally won (10) for Raymond and JC won (12). Jake Kruger had (5) wins. Seeley, Hausler, and Luza had several as well. No clue on wins for Chris Davidson, John Heil, or Howard Willis, but those numbers will be way up there for sure. Feel free to tell me who I am missing, or if you want to add comments on win totals too.

What an honor to have known Raymond, but also to be lucky enough to be on this list of drivers.

Raymond's Drivers     (Asphalt)
Aramendia, Joe
Bendele, Brandon
Berryman, Brandon
Burton, Denny
Crofford, Michael
Davidson, Christopher
Davidson, Greg
Hausler, Zak
Heil, John
Hogan, Christopher
James, Colt
Kruger, Jake
Lancaster, Garrett
Luza, Ryan
Marshall, Jason
Merrell, Matt
Michael, TJ
Schild, Jerry
Seeley, Brent
Self, Austin Wayne
Starr, David
Swenson, Chris
Umscheid, David
Umscheid, JC
Umscheid, Michael
Watson, Gary
White, Paul
Willis, Howard

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