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Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

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We wanted to provide everyone with an update on Texana Raceway.

There are a couple of highly interested parties and it appears that one of the two options will occur and there will be racing in 2020 at Texana Raceway.

We won't be able to answer any questions posted to this thread, but did want to give everyone a glimmer of hope and that it does look like racing will occur in 2020 at Texana Raceway.

There will be an announcement within a day after January 17th. Stay tuned.

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28 minutes ago, arob said:

Awesome! It had to sell because of all the improvements that were done. First thing to do is keep that burger!


oh man you beat me …. funny how a hamburger is  that  important . .but food does play a big part ..racetracks need to sell good food ..sas  had the chili .. kyle had the wraps and burgers in the pits …. IF YOU ARE GOING TO feed poeple take the money make sure the food is worth it ..a great burger or food will bring poeple out to a racetrack .. ..i will have no problem paying more for good food ..and like racing  there when we can make it .

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hope the best for texana this year and years to come.

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