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TSTRS - Car Count as of 10/19/19

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Good morning guys!


Car counts each race so far is listed below  (I have corrected the T-STARS June race numbers that I had incorrect on the last car count post.)   I am very excited about the growth we are having in our core classes!    I do hear there are more cars being built, purchased and getting ready to race.  


I do believe we have a great show!  This past race (Oct 19th) we brought Intermission back into the schedule, added laps, ran an extra feature for the Eco Stock class, introduced Checkered Flag victory laps AND on- track interviews for the winners of the core classes  - and we STILL finished at 9:30 pm.   And I do want to say that by finishing early, most fans stay and watch ALL the racing, which helps the last race of the evening get some fan love too!  We will be changing some things up for this last race - TechNet Speedfest 2019 on Nov 9th, in efforts to learn some more about the timing of the show and the presentation to the fans.  Which - we hope to have more of this coming race FOR SURE!  (GO Astros - hurry up and win the World Series!)   And speaking of wanting more people to come out and watch - share our poster all over social media - bring a friend to the track, bring more family - whatever it takes to close out our 2019 on a great foot!


Thank you racers & racing family for all your support and for bringing it when we need it the most!  Looking forward to the season finale!!:)





                                  June 8th                                July 6th                             Aug 31st                      Oct 19

                               (T-STARS Series)                   (TSTRSeries)                      (TSTRS)                       TSTRS

Super Stock                    5                                            8                                            7                               7

Outlaws                           6                                             8                                           9                               9

Pro Mod                         11                                             8                                          13                            13

Pro Truck                        9                                             13                                         13                            13

 Eco Stock                        7                                             14                                           8                           8

Dwarfs                            6                                             N/A                                       N/A                        N/A

Legacy                           14                                            12                                          13                           14

 Naskarts                        9                                             14                                           9                              6




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