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That was an amazing race & finish!  The points leader in the E-Prix championship got caught up in a last lap crash ... so it all comes down to tomorrows finale?

I tuned in 5 years ago when they debuted this formula.  I wasn't impressed & quickly lost interested.  But let me tell you race fans, things have changed.

Modern day electric-powered F1 style racing has produced a very entertaining product.

Nowadays ... they be slicin & dicin' like the SUS Winged SprintCars will be next Saturday nite @ Texana Raceway!  :o

Personally, I'm gonna stay indoors tomorrow (with  much needed AC) and watch 'em fight it out for the 2019 championship crown.

Some interesting E-Prix racecar specs: https://www.fiaformulae.com/en/discover/cars-and-technology  

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