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Sprint Car Bandits at Heart 'O Texas this Friday, July 12

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Sprint Car Bandits "MDA muscling in the Dirt Night" at Heart O’ Texas this Friday, July 12 

Elm Mott, TX (07/10/19) - The 360C.I. NCRA Sprint Car Bandits® (SCB) series continues the 2019 ‘DARE TO BE DIFFERENT’ Tour at the 1/4 mile 'bullring' oval of Heart O' Texas Speedway (HOT) in Waco THIS Friday, July 12th with the running of the “MDA Muscling in the Dirt” night. 

:30 HOT REWIND: The last time the Sprint Car Bandits were at Heart O’ Texas Speedway this past March, a field of 30 teams would find a quickly changing track surface in the feature race would have drivers way, way up-on-the-wheel. A torrid pace was set with the top four drivers, none of which had a clear advantage, when on a restart Channin Tankersley would suddenly lose traction resulting in Michael Day making hard contact with the wall. On the restart third place starter Marcus Thomas would make his way to the point and take the first checkers of the SCB series for 2019. 

RACE FANS: Make plans to arrive early at the track to take in the pre-race Sprint Car Bandits “Fierce 15” Fan Fest! It will take place directly next to the main ticket window from 6:45pm until about 7:15pm. There, you can meet the drivers of the Fierce 15, get selfies, purchase their 2019 t-shirt designs (get them autographed!) and get a good close look at the cars. SCB Fan Fest is an effort to help sprint car racing get back to the good ‘ol days when there was generally more fan interaction with the race teams. Back then it was common for most of the fans to go to the pits after the races to meet with the teams, and now in many cases the races at tracks don’t finish in time to make that feasible. This is an effort to fire back up that interaction by simply flipping the timing element. Pre-race Fan Fest takes place at every SCB series event in 2019. 

If you’d like to get your brand new Fierce 15 driver t-shirts prior to Fan Fest, the new online store at www.SprintCarBandits.com is open and orders get shipped daily. Reminder, that proceeds from Fierce 15 driver apparel benefits each individual driver that is a part of the program, so please show your support by grabbing one when you can...and your support will help drivers better funded throughout the season. At the last series event, $3,000 in Fierce 15 driver loyalty rewards were distributed from t-shirt sales and the second round of the Smiley’s Racing 4-Pack Bonus programs. 

For Heart O' Texas Speedway information, please click www.HeartOTexasSpeedway.com and note their address is 784 N McLennan Drive Waco, TX 76640 (just north of town right off of I-35); track phone is 254-829-2294. Action fires up at 8pm on July 12th. 

RACE TEAMS: all sprint car teams that sign in will draw for heat race starting positions, regardless of their engine C.I. displacement (up to and including 360C.I.) and will receive passing points to determine their straight-up from points feature race starting position. All drivers make sure to read the posted rules at the series website prior to heading to the track. 

The standard posted SCB purse and rules are in effect. All non-qualifiers or non-starters will each receive $100. There is no entry fee, no series membership fee and a $20 nightly draw fee. Drivers should go to www.SprintCarBandits.com prior to arrival for complete rules, purse and procedures information. The www.KoolTrikes.com heat races and www.SmileysRacing.com 4-Pack Bonus will also be a part of the racing program. 

DARE TO BE DIFFERENT: Why are we calling this season the ‘DARE TO BE DIFFERENT’ tour? The SCB series has a unique rules package that allows teams to use their current equipment (especially in the engine compartment) yet curbing nightly tire expense...which helps equalize the competition with teams of varying budget sizes. The SCB “20° wing angle rule” also helps by freeing up the cars to be able to pass easier in many cases that also helps reduce excess tire and engine wear. Our ‘one rear tire all night long’ rule has not only saved racers thousands of dollars over the past three years, but to date, we’ve yet to have one tire fail (blow) due to excess tire wear in any feature race we’ve held. 

All these small, yet effective changes, have been accomplished without the racers having to purchase something out of the ordinary. And we essentially haven’t changed the rules since the inception of the series at the end of 2015. 

And let’s face it, since the events of 9/11/2001, a lot of the economics of the sport of dirt track racing have changed drastically (especially the cost of travel, track insurance, general crowd sizes, cost of racing components), yet there really hasn’t been much being done on a nationwide level to help counteract those economic impacts. We aren’t trying to say we’ve ‘fixed’ all those impacts, but at least we are doing something to help curb racer expenses – and it’s working. 

Our rules package certainly has made for exciting and unpredictable racing outcomes – as there have been 18 different feature winners in the past 26 SCB events since 2018. When you add these components together, that’s a result of why we DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! 

Click www.SprintCarBandits.com for the latest in series news and where the DARE TO BE DIFFERENT Tour is headed to next. You can also reach the SCB on Facebook, at www.Facebook.com/SprintCarBandits . 

This is the final Sprint Car Bandits event leading into our ‘SCB Summer Break.’ We will be putting out our fall events schedule later in August that will conclude the 2019 racing season…so be watching for that to come out at our website and Facebook pages. 

If your track is interested in hosting the Sprint Car Bandits, please email SprintCarBandits@outlook.com as soon as possible. This schedule is subject to change, so please visit the series website prior to traveling. New dates will be published when they become available. We have built the Summer Break into the schedule, as many teams and fans like heading north this time of the year to catch the King’s Royal, Knoxville 360/410 Nationals and RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Car Nationals – to name a few. Now those teams and fans can do so without missing a beat with the SCB series. 

Click www.SprintCarBandits.com for all series info, and we look forward to seeing you Friday July 12th when the Sprint Car Bandits ‘DARE TO BE DIFFERENT’ Tour returns to Heart O’ Texas Speedway, near Waco, Texas with high-powered 360C.I. winged Sprint Cars battling on the racy ¼ mile oval for the final time at HOT in 2019! 

Compiled Sprint Car Bandits Points for 2019 after 7/06/19 event at 82 Speedway : 

Position Car # Driver Name Total Points 
1 77w Will Eggimann 1203 
2 12w Dale Wester 1159 
3 23j Junior Jenkins 1014 
4 74e Claud Estes III 928 
5 45b Casey Burkham 869 
6 2 Michael Day 865 
7 71 Colby Estes 858 
8 20 Chad Wilson 769 
9 13m Chance McCrary 762 
10 118 Scott Evans 730 
11 15t Marcus Thomas 694 
12 74 DJ Estes 672 
13 21 Michelle Melton 591 
14 27 Kodey Keimig 583 
15 02 Cody Freeman 545 
16 80 Josh Hawkins 544 
17 72 Daniel Estes 512 
18 47 Chipper Wood 510 
19 99x Dalton Stevens 508 
20 41m Steve McMackin 424 
21 33 Michael Merrell 392 
22 10 Bryan Debrick 371 
23 4 Austin Mundie 369 
24 2h Tommy Hall 328 
25 64 Mark Zoeller 322 
26 44 Jason Howell 315 
27 v8 Robert Vetter 300 
28 01j Jeb Sessums 277 
29 76 Zane Lawrence 254 
30 8a Koty Adams 218 
31 5r John Ricketts 208 
32 57 Chase Parson 190 
33 79V Ryan Hall 185 
34 04 Kyle Jones 184 
35 5J Jeremy Jonas 175 
36 55 Brad Queen 159 
37 45 John Carney II 150 
38 17W Harli White 142 
39 26 Jacob Harris 142 
40 1X Tim Crawley 135 
41 12 Trey Schmidt 135 
42 48 Cody Stacy 130 
43 49 Justin Fifield 125 
44 2w Dustyn Welch 125 
45 b51 Johnny Brown 122 
46 9Z Taylor Courtney 119 
47 91 Craig Oates 119 
48 99b Blake Mallory 116 
49 3 Willie Reed 116 
50 92 Jordan Weaver 113 
51 9tx Brad Wesp 113 
52 8A Alan Myers 110 
53 22L Kent Lewis Sr. 106 
54 83 Jett Hays 106 
55 17w Brad Welborn 104 
56 07 Bobby Middleton 104 
57 57C Chris Schmelzle 102 
58 17x Micah Baccus 102 
59 17 Channin Tankersley 100 
60 16 Cody Tankersley 100 
61 18 Logan Scherb 98 
62 18L Dillon Laden 96 
63 82c Christian Kinnison 92 
64 10C Jeremy Campbell 92 
65 41 Josh Harner 90 
66 35 Chris Hinson 88 
67 4b Austin Burkham 65 
68 4t6 Russ Fletcher 65 
69 15 Michael Colaluca 65 
70 9 Bobby Breen 65 
71 52 JD Fry 65 
72 79 Charlie McDonald 65 
73 12.5 James Griffin 65 
74 5X Tyson Hall 65 
75 22X Steven Shebester 65 

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