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Prayers for James Huff please

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This is from Janette Huff, James' wife:

Prayers for a speedy recovery. James was headed back home from the farm today and hit a tree head on. I won't go into details but he is in the hospital in Columbus l am here with him, he does have injuries but nothing serious. Just have to wait and see when I get to take him home or me go back without him so I can open up Monday morning. He does have plenty of sore spots and cuts and bruising from the airbags. I know everyone is going to be concerned, please if you have his cell # hold off on calling him while in the hospital I'll let everyone know. We are blessed. The good Lord up above kept this from being so much worse.

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This good news from Mr. Huff:

I am back home now.
First I want to thank all of you who wished me well.
All the comments mean so much to me.
Soooo what happened?
Apparently I ate some food that may have been slightly tainted 
or maybe a stomach bug and that combined with getting a little overheated filling the deer feeders caused cramps.I decided (foolishly) to drive back home.
I was on I-10 eastbound when I suddenly became very nauseated.I started to pull to the shoulder then discovered that is impossible to drive while violently puking.
Fortunately there was this nice big oak tree who stepped out and stopped me from hurting anyone other than myself.
I am so very thankful that Jesus took control of the situation when I could not, as He always does.
I'm thankful for the people who stopped to help me.
I'm thankful for the doctors and nurses at Columbus Hospital who got me cleaned up and checked out.They exceeded my expectations for a small town hospital.
SO I am pretty bruised from the seatbelt and air bag which worked perfectly.Got a small cut on my left cheek but other than that I feel that I am the luckiest man alive.

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