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We are still putting together the purse, we will get it up here as soon as it is finalized.  The classes racing are the same as what T-STARS had scheduled, see below.  We am still working on putting the race day together and will shoot that out as soon as it is done. 


Eco Stocks


Pro Modified



Super Stock




  We will be making sponsor announcements starting sometime this week, so watch for those!  It is a big push of momentum for you guys to support those sponsors after you read the announcements in some way - like their Facebook pages, Instagrams etc.  Interact with their posts by commenting, or liking.  Sharing their pages with other and saying why you shared it.  Each and everything we are doing leading up to and competing at this event is being measured.  The more there is to measure, the more we can keep the momentum positive and moving forward guys.  Please help me do this on things I post on social media.  Facebook.com/TexasShortTrackRacingSeries and Instagram : @Texas_Short_Track_Racing_HMP


  We will be having some shows at local Advance Auto Parts leading up to the July 6th race.  I am looking for drivers and cars that would be interested in doing this so I will have a list of people to call when Advance may need support from us.  Shoot me your info - driver, class and contact information - email to gina@txarp.com.  


    I will be shooting an email to each car owner with info I need to capture from you for myself & Rodney to make sure we get your sponsors a shout out on race day and when you race. Please send this back to me asap.  This email request will be coming from taylor@tstrseries.com or mine, gina@txarp.com - keep an eye out.


 Lastly, for this first race, I am looking for giveaways we can get out to the fans all during race day between races that I can add to the Advance Auto Parts giveaways.  I need this in the form of hats, t-shirts, stickers, etc.   Do not put a strain on anyone's budgets to get these things for me,  it is mainly to enhance the July 6th show and to give back to sponsors and to show potential sponsors in the stands ways the LOCAL racing community gives back.


  I know it has been a tough road for everyone, Raymond, Amy & Aaron blazed a very brave trail at a time there was NOTHING racing on asphalt in Texas but NASCAR.  That takes a tremendous effort. Now, I need to ask for more support from you guys in car count or fan count too.  If you cannot race, come watch and bring people to watch.  If you are NOT racing because of rules, STILL contribute to the sport you love by talking about the race and coming to the race.  I cannot fix anything in the rules if I cannot make the racing happen.  I so very much appreciate all the messages of support, support at functions and valuable input - keep it coming.


I will have some official posters and lots of handout cards by Thursday or Friday to give to you to put in your businesses or handout. Let me know where you are and I will deliver them personally or have my daughter, Taylor Knowles deliver them.  


My email is gina@txarp.com.


My cell is 713.907.0906.


I will get back to you.

Thank you guys!


Gina Schild Knowles

TXARP, Texas Asphalt Racing Promotions DBA Texas Short Track Racing Series


PS - Share this message with other racers.  :)


Pictured Below - One of our Media Sponsors...we will be chatting racing with them this Saturday in the studio 12 - 2pm.  Live on their Facebook page and on ESPN 97.5 FM simultaneously.  I will remind you on the series Facebook page and before the show goes live on Saturday I will post a link to tach on Facebook if needed.





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