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TSTRS Message to Drivers

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Hey guys....I heard I forgot to share this on LSSZ, so it is a little late.  I will be posting more news this week with you guys too.  Thanks for all the calls, ideas, help and advice - it is very much appreciated!  Stay tuned & bear with me.  :) gina


Message To Drivers

All current T-STARS points transfer.
We will compete under T-STARS Series rules for 2019.
The schedule remains the same.
Purse remains the same as the last one T-STARS posted.

June 8, 2019 – Welcome to our Facebook page. It will be changing over the next month as we share news and add information heading toward our inaugural race on July 6th at HMP.

Visit our website at https://www.texasshorttrackracingseries.com/

We have some upcoming sponsor news and new partnership announcements to share here so be sure to check back in for changes. You can click on the Series Team tab above to see who is handling what. Feel free to reach out to your contact with questions, please!
We look forward to a fresh start with everyone and are confident you will see some positive changes at the July 6th race in both competition and sponsor relations. Please click on the registration link to download the form we need you to bring to the next race or fill out and email to gina@txarp.com. You should also expect a call from one of us even if you have sent us a form, just to make sure we have all of your information correctly from the T-STARS/TSTRSeries transition being made. Also, we ask that if you have any current sponsor deals in place with T-STARS, please call Gina at (713) 907-0906 or email gina@txarp.com so we can make sure it is honored. We very much appreciate all that has been done to get The Oval at HMP up and running and are excited to take the wheel.
Click on the “Your 2 Cents” tab to send us ideas you may have for competition or marketing. Send us things you feel need improvement even if you are not sure how to improve it, let us know anyway.
We hope you will take the track on July 6th, to become an official driver in the Texas Short Track Racing Series. We take that commitment seriously and promise to work hard to make sure you know how much it is appreciated.
Let’s get racing!
The TSTRS Team



(Picture below is just for attention!  Greg Davidson #96  San Antonio Speedway)


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Gina: I wish you and all involved good luck and great success in this noble HMP undertaking.


Thank you, Neil UpchurchRetired Founder


TIDA Late Model Series

Texas Race of Champions at Texas World Speedway

Texas Pro Sedans Series

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