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Jay Smalley to Street Stock Help Source

A racer and his family move into a new house in a small rural neighborhood about 40 miles from a short track the racer plans on driving.

After getting settled into his new home he starts the preparation of the car as the season opener is fast approaching. He has met one neighbor that lives across the street, but not the neighbor who lives off to the side. Every time he works on the car he has this funny feeling that someone is watching him.

One Saturday afternoon he gets that feeling and notices the curtain move in the neighbors house who he has not met. He goes back to adjusting his valves and looks up to see a very tired frail looking old man shuffling towards him.

He asks the old man if he disturbed him as he was running the car. He said no. He didn't introduce himself but instead said, I seen you out here tinkering on this thing a lot. What is it? 

The racer said why this is a street stock. I plan on racing it at the local speedway.

I see said the old man. What's this big funny looking dial in by the steering wheel. That's the Tachometer said the racer. Can you start it for me, said the old man. The racer said sure with a puzzled look on his face. He fired up the car and as it hopped to the tune of its radical cam the old man put his hands on the fender and closed his eyes. About a min goes by and the old man steps back and the racer turns the car off.

The old man looks at the racer gives him a short grin and says thank you, and slowly walks away. The racer says sure anytime. The following day the racer notices an ambulance at the old mans house and his other neighbor from across the street standing near the edge of the road. The racer approaches him and asks, What happened?

The neighbor said the old man died last night. Nurse found him this morning. The neighbor went on to say, it was only a matter of time, I haven't seen him out of that house in years. The racer didn't mention that the old man visited him the day before.

The following week the local speedway opens up. The racer has high hopes for the evening as his car is well prepared. As he enters the pits he's handed an event flyer. It says Opening Night, in Memory of our 5 time Stock Car Champion. There on the flyer was a picture of the old man. The racer got a chill up his spine. When the feature rolled around the racers car handled like it never had before. He took the lead with two to go and won by 10 car lengths. He was speechless in victory lane and couldn't help but look to the sky's.

Thank you said the racer. THANK YOU!

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that's awesome and reminds me of my first win that came on the night that the recognized my grandfather when he passed away.   

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