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T-TSTARS Racing clarifications after the last race

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After this last race we wanted to go over a few things to help drivers, crews and fans understand how things work during the races at HMP.


Race Calls - All race calls are made by 10 or more racing officials.  One person is not making the calls.  Those officials who have a relative racing, or are partial to any one driver, do not weigh in on the decision if their driver is involved.   They excuse themselves from the call and the decision is based upon the remaining officials. What is seen by those on the front stretch or by the tower is not the same view as the officials who are in the middle of the track or at the track entrance.  When an on-track incident occurs to bring out the caution we call each official to find out what they saw in order that we can make sure we understand what took place on the track.  The decision is based upon what the majority of the Officials say about the incident. 


We will never finish a race under yellow unless all cars/trucks have completed the previous lap.  In the last truck race the leaders were just given 1 to go but that lap was never completed, meaning there were still trucks that had not crossed the start finish line when the wreck occurred, so we go back to the last completed lap which was 2 to go.


If a driver does not heed the directions of the tower and move to where he/she is told to line up that driver will be black flagged.


We will make every effort to help a competitor race. If they forgot something and it can be retrieved quickly we will allow a crew member to retrieve it. This is nothing new, we have done this many times in the past for gloves, Raceceivers, window nets, flapping hoods, etc. 


If you do not like a race call please wait until after all the racing is over to meet with an Official. Do not walk the walkway in front of the grandstand area displaying your dissatisfaction with racing calls with repeated vulgar hand gestures to the track officials in the tower. Remember that you have young fans in the grandstands that should not be subject to that type of behavior, or any behavior which is deemed detrimental to auto racing. Please be a good steward of racing. If you display your dissatisfaction with the Officials in the grandstands you will be asked to leave. The same will hold true for belligerent spotters, fans and family.  They will also be asked to leave the property.


Again, we have said this repeatedly in the driver’s meeting, one person does not make the race calls.  We have many Officials who weigh in on all race calls.  Those officials with a relative or friend on the track do not weigh in on the calls involving their personal friend or relative.


Please message us if you have any questions.  





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Dear Amy,

While there are a whole lot of racers and race fans who are very supportive, there are always boo-birds who seem to enjoy attacking those of us who actually do something positive for the sport.  Always has been that way and always will be that way.

As one who has been on the receiving end of torrents of bashes, boycotts, and even credible threats against me and my family, I can truly empathize with what you are facing on FB and other social media. It will not go away no matter how much logic you put forth, no matter how good your intentions.  It will not go away because some racers are their own worst enemy.

If you haven't already, you need to edit out all the boo-birds on whatever social media platforms you control and then block anyone from posting on them except those you permit to post, such as your tech official, your chaplain, trusted vendors, photographers, etc. 

And,  if you so chose, I have made Lone Star Speedzone available to any racing organization to become their "official forum."  As everyone knows by now, I allow no bashing, no profanity, and put anyone who wants to be belligerent on moderator hold or ban them completely.

Amy, it is so easy to get discouraged and I know from personal experience that you ask yourself the same question every day.... "Is the time, effort and money I am investing in this series worth it?"  Only you can answer that question, but I'm here to help out a little if you so chose.



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1 hour ago, 576 said:

Your a very wise man, Mr. Holt

You've always said I"m a wise ass... LOL  Good to hear from you every now and then Uncle Bob!

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I raced my first ever oval track race last weekend.  I've been doing road racing for many years, and always wanted to try the circle track.  There were no controversies in the EcoStock class, which makes it easy.  But overall, I was impressed with how the event was run.  And I had a blast.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

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