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Shot in the dark here, but curious if there are any Legacy owners out there that have an open seat that they might be willing to rent out for a race or two later in the season at Houston? 

Lots of racing experience prior to joining the military but all of that was before meeting my wife. She doesn’t understand the racing life because she hasn’t been around it her whole life like I have - hence the reason for this post. She’s not crazy about the idea of me owning a race car but she has seen me race once and enjoyed watching, and I enjoyed getting back into a race car even if for that one race. Recent experience includes a 5th place finish back at my home track in Virginia (Southside Speedway) in a one off deal for another owner, and I drove one of Bob Riley’s cars at Kyle before they tore it up and felt comfortable immediately. 

Figured it never hurts to ask the question. Thanks!

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On ‎4‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 10:54 AM, AyersRacing24 said:

Any chance of renting for one race?

WelI ,  Sorry....But I am not interested in renting it out !!!   I am trying to get out of racing all together...

with that said...Doug,   please keep me in mind if you decide to become a buyer in need....it will be stored up on jack stands in the garage with a car cover over It soon....

Thanks again Buddy...

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