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Practice at L87 Speedway

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   I am not a spokesman but have permission to invite any and all circle track drivers to the next open practice day at L87 Speedway near Corpus Christi. Its a very smooth 1/4 mile track with medium banking that has tremendous grip even with asphalt slicks. This track already races Karts on kart day on its kart track with great success with karts being the show. Averaging 50 or more karts per show with classes for everyone including grown ups.  Privately owned with owner and operator being the same person. So regardless of what you race, if you want to test your racer and get seat time this is your opportunity Entry cost in $20.00 per head, period. No radios or transponder required but full racing safety gear is. Belts, net, suite, etc. I don't know about you guys but to get to drive my race car 100 or so laps is well worth 20.00 to me. For kart information or big car practice contact Lawrence Mickluncak or Owen Pitman at the L87 Speedway website.

    Now for why am I posting this..>leave now if you have no interest in small car racing. A lot oy you still have mini stocks, thunder cars and compacts. Maybe. you don't fit anywhere and gave up. Well this is a possible opportunity to rekindle a series that's become extinct but very necessary for the success in todays oval track racing. Or perhaps you are already racing an Eco or Compact but really need more track time for testing or just want seat time. This is an opportunity for both. The owner has expressed an interest in adding our class to the kart program or with a big car series if they do adapt one. Fresh start, no politics, no bullshit. Just come play with your race car (any kind) and spend an afternoon with your peers. I'm hoping this practice thing is regular and will lead to full racing. If your car is not running yet come out anyway for a picnic. Lets all do our part to help this fledgling promoter keep our sport alive. More IS better.  Next practice will be within a couple of weeks, to be announced when established. Thanks for reading. ,  G.B.Carter.

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