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Kart Racing This Saturday 12/29/18

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OK so the New Years Party Race is this weekend December 29th. There are some evening rain chances and it looks like it will be cold so we have decided to move our start time up to 2:00pm for this Saturday December 29th. The gates will open and hot laps will begin at 12:00 noon. All divisions will be racing, the order will be Power Wheels, Youth, Stock Predator, Senior 1, Junior, Senior 2, Pro Predator, Yard Kart, The 475, Flat Kart

Couple items of business I want to go over with everyone.

***As many of you know John Mckinney is having surgery to repair his collarbone. This is going to be an expensive process that even with Insurance is going to cost him a couple thousand dollars in deductibles, lost wages etc., so we would like to pitch in and see if we can raise some money to help John out! We will have a donation container at the back gate and at the drivers meeting for anyone willing to pitch in and help John out. Lawrence and Pat have put in a $100 to start off the fundraising, if you own a business and are willing to donate we would be happy to give your company a shout out for your support. Keep something in mind this is not about helping out some racer this is about helping out a family member in our racing family!

***This week is the New Years Party Event and we will have the Flat Karts racing for $87 to win thanks to Ace Transmission. As a bonus 1st Class Towing has put up $89 to the 2nd place finisher in this race. Thank you 1st Class Towing for your support.

***There will be a full service food truck on site from now on selling food and drinks. Pat and David are going to retire from the food business for a while so be prepared that the food will be sold not given away.

***Everyone is welcome to bring their own fireworks and shoot them off after the races.

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Great fun and like 59 Karts on a cold (by South Texas standards) and windy afternoon all the L87 staff well done. Oh and even though we had to pay for them good burgers.  

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