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Pit stall ?

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  I don't know what most think but taking away Hamlin's pit choice to aid Bush win a Championship was a chicken crap deal for Denny. I'm hearing this is Denny's last race and he got screwed. I'm betting Bush does not win because karma usually even things out. If he does the black mark is there.

   Now NASCAR is trying to improve their show and most things are an improvement. I like the chase thing, its kind of like qualifying races at a big show like the Modified Nationals were at McAllen. The last race has the 4 best qualifiers running for the Championship. and one race to win it. All big races have only one winner and NASCAR has equaled the competitors better than any other venue. For the casual fan its a show that is not already determined the winner like so many times the old system afforded.

   Just like the truck race nobody could predict the Champion, again decided by a single race. I picked Sauder because of his experience but his team gave him a turd so he had no chance even though he was a factor all year. It was great Moffatt won as an underfunded team, gives everyone hope its possible. Now Custer (00) has taken the p[ole for today's race and has not necessarily been the dominate team all year. On a side note its great the Cup guys are not involved, this makes the teams more equal. Should be a great race too.

  NASCAR is trying to fuel the feud between Truex and Logano but that out as Truex is running for the Championship and cannot waste it on a "revenge" deal. It would be cool to end this team on the top. Harvick might be a favorite because he took over for Earnhardt. I don't think Bush will win because karma seems to sneak in sometimes Taking Hamlin's earned pit stall will bit him, I think. And nobody like Lagano  but he had luck and some skill. So who knows who will be the 2018 Cup Champion ? Nobody knows and that's the story.

   So all you NASCAR haters can tell everyone reading how much racing sucks and still try to lure casual fans to your own personal racing deal  How's that working out ? You guys making a good profit at your local track ? Or are you actually funding their operations? NASCAR drivers don't have to pay to park or enter the pits. Plus they make a few dollars. And the Cup guys have the kind of car all of you would love to have if you had the best everything money could buy. Snubbing them sounds like sour grapes. Don't sour the sport in general by snubbing the top tier of the sport itself.   JMO.

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Ummmmm.....NA$CAR didn t "TAKE AWAY" Hamlins choice....Joe Gibbs made that decision.

So let me get this straight....You're complaining about local racing to support your argument about people complaining about NA$CAR?.....WTF!....You're getting old and cranky GB,,,,lol

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