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Roy was a top notch stock car driver. We shared many race nights together ( never in same class ) for several years. He was a fun loving guy and always had a story.    Not many, if any of us were the ambasadore  for the sport that Roy Cody was at that time. Not much to go on, but from the looks of that flag I'm guessing Moody Clary about 69 or 70. They decided one night  that instead of big Joe letting the winners carry the track flag , a track worker kept a kiddy go kart flag to give the  drivers. We raised  so much heck, they went back to the track flag  in a night or two.

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Well marvin the one holding the flag passed away last year or year before at 80 or 81 so thats how long ago it was.. probably 50 years ago at least.


I know they used to run at navasota I remember that much as a kid I am sure they ran other tracks also


 latter on marvin had jackie dillard driving for him..

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