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Veteran Paul White Scores Elite Sprint Car Win @ 281 Speedway

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POWERi Elite Sprint Series @ 281 Speedway by C&S Promotions, 4/1/18

By JM Hallas


Stephenville, TX.,(April 1st, 2018)


Sprint car racing on a full moon, what could go wrong.


Saturday night 281 Speedway featured the POWERi Elite Spring Series on the ¼ mile, semi-banked, dirt track just north of town. The Elite Sprint Series, part of the Racesaver 305 group, now under the banner of the POWRi Racing Series run non-wing shows throughout Texas. Tonight was the first of three scheduled visits for series at 281 Speedway.


The track also features the IMCA Modifieds, Southern Sport Mods, Stock Car and Sport Compacts, plus the Street and Factory Stocks on a regular night. Tonight also included a pre-holiday visit from the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunt for all the children prior to the racing events.


On April 21st 281 Speedway goes nationwide as film crews from the “World's Greatest” TV show set up to produce a segment for their show featuring the track, it's drivers and fans. “World's Greatest,” produced by How 2 Media, has been filming for 12 years highlighting people, places and companies in positive ways. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the track to be exposed all over the country. The episode is scheduled to air on the ION network about 3 months after filming is complete.


White Wins by a Wisker

Veteran Paul White(Temple) was able to hold off Quinton Benson to take the POWERi Elite Sprint Car main event win, but it wasn't easy. White who jumped into the early lead was trailed by polesitter, Michelle Melton and Benson. Benson was able to get second just before halfway and got a caution to close on White for the restart.


Once back to green Benson began looking low on White for the lead. White eventually slipped up off turn 4 and Benson got by, but a caution erased the pass. From then on White hugged the infield tires like a baby with its blanket and was able to hold off one last charge, after a red flag, for the victory.


As the 22-car Elite Sprint Car main took the green it was White beating Melton to turn 1. Melton fell in line second with Benson, Kyle Jones and Johnny Miller in tow. As the top three inched away from the field, Chase Parsons trying to make progress on the high side. By lap 8 the lead trio were into traffic with Benson pressuring Melton.


At the crossed flags it was White, Benson taking second, Melton, J. Miller and Craig Carroll in the top five. J. Miller would bring out a yellow with a spin in turn 1. On green Benson Benson took a peek low while Carroll got third from Melton. Benson was back the tail tank of White and on lap 13 White went high off turn 4 and Benson jumped on the opening.


A spin in turn 4 brought out the yellow and put White back out front. On the restart White held the bottom with Benson giving the middle a look and K. Jones getting third from Melton. Another quick yellow for a spin this time in turn 3 reset the field. As green waved again Melton spun in turn 1 getting clipped by Kenny Elwood and Blake Edwards, who did a 'Tommy tip-over' onto his side for a red flag.


Now with a green, white, checker finish Benson had one last shot at White. White got a couple cars lengths on green, but Benson quickly closed the gap. On the last lap Benson tried going high but was unable to make it work as White was first to the checkers.


POWERi Elite Sprint Series

1 Paul White, 15b Quinton Benson, 24c Craig Carroll, 04 Kyle Jones, 5r John Ricketts, 34 RJ Miller, 24h Ty Hulsey, 24 Ben Silliker, 6 Christian Moore, 82 Josh Hanna, 52 JD Fry, 57 Chase Parsons, 11 Jake Bland, 30 Davis Jones, 21 Michelle Melton, 55 Kenny Elwood, 54 David Sherry, 36e Blake Edwards, 64j Johnny Miller, 07j Chris Clark, 75 Sam Stockon, 24d Dennis Smith


ESS heats

Heat 1; 21 Michelle Melton, 24c Craig Carroll, 64j Johnny Miller,24 Ben Silliker, 57 Chase Parsons, 36e Blake Edwards, 11 Jake Bland, 54 David Sherry


Heat 2; 04 Kyle Jones, 24h Ty Hulsey, 34 RJ Miller, 24d Dennis Smith, 07j Chris Clark, 30 David Jones, 5r John Ricketts---dns


Heat 3; 15b Quinton Benson, 55 Kenny Elwood, 1 Paul White, 6 Christian Moore, 52 JD Fry, 82 Josh Hanna, 75 Sam Stockon


Hood Hustles to Modified Main Money

McGregor's Brandon Hood took home the hardware in the 20-lap IMCA Modified main. Hood, who was running the bottom, got by early leader Jeffrey Abbey, who was up top, just before halfway. From there Hood in the C&S Promotions, Always Realty, Wade White Trucking, Dwayne Grantham Motorsports, T-10 Fabrication, Grip Pro, F&M Transportation, AAA Rebel, Dowell Motorsports, Sykora Truck & Trailer, Demtrius Carter, five1seven Designs, Pierce Technologies, crate powered, Hoffman Chassis crept away for the win.


Abbey, from row 2, got a big run as the green waved on the 12-car main. Despite overshooting the corner Abbey was first to the line with Hardy Henderson, Ryan Childress, Jason Hunter and Hood in pursuit. A lap 1 tangle between TJ Lackey and Daniel Van Haitsma was the races early caution.


Hood got by Childress on the restart for fourth then went three wide with Henderson and Hunter for second. On lap 2 Henderson slid up in turn 3 making it three wide off turn 4. PJ Egbert got the worst of that deal when Childress forced him up into the front stretch wall.


On the restart Hood got second from Hunter and was looking low for the lead on Abbey. Hood got the nose inside Abbey on lap 4, but couldn't complete the pass.

Hood and Abbey then began a lap for lap ballet with Hood in low and Abbey off high maintaining the lead. Abbey finally made a mistake in turn 3 giving Hood the chance to clear coming off turn 4 for the lead.


At halfway it was Hood, Abbey, Hunter, Mike McCarthy and Henderson in the top five. Hood then inched ahead of Abbey, who gave the bottom a try to keep up with Hood. The two got away from the third place battle between Hunter, McCarthy and Henderson. The last three laps saw that trio exchange the spot. Up front it was Hood, now by a handful of car lengths, taking the checkers.


“The bottom line was where it was at,” replied Hood. “Abbey jumped out there pretty quick. He was a little tight and I knew that I had to be there whenever he made a mistake.'


“You've got to be pretty patient when you run against those Abbey boys. They're pretty good, every single one of them. They race you clean and I love racing with them.”


“I wasn't too worried once I got out front that anyone was going to made the top work. I just drive my own race. I keep it in my mind to hit mt marks every time and make the car do what I want it to do.”


“The two cars I run don't cross over too much on a lot. Each night it does help with knowing the track conditions though. The races aren't usually back to back so it gives you a little to make adjustments for the other car.”


IMCA Modifieds

1b Brandon Hood, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 63 Hardy Henderson, 52 Jason Hunter, 20 Mike McCarthy, 13g David Goode sr., 19m Mike Moore, 81 Ryan Childress, 29 TJ Lackey, 5v Daniel Van Haitsma, 92 Peter DeGrote, 444 PJ Egbert, 13 Jerry Frydrych---dns


IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 52 Jason Hunter, 444 PJ Egbert, 13g David Goode sr., 92 Peter DeGrote, 20 Mike McCarthy , 5v Daniel Van Haitsma, 29 TJ Lackey---dns


Heat 2; 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 1b Brandon Hood, 63 Hardy Henderson, 19m Mike Moore, 81 Ryan Childress, 13 Jerry Frydrych


Burgess Best in Southern Sportmods

Nine cars took the IMCA Southern Sportmod feature with Devin Burgess(Stephenville) going flag to flag for the victory. Burgess got the lead as the 15-lap feature fired off followed by Ronnie Bell, Taylor Florio, Tyler Bragg and Tony Sanders. Bragg gave up several spots after a half spin in turn 2.


At halfway it was Burgess, Bell, T. Florio, Sanders and Chris Florio in the top five. Bell was trying the top side while Burgess stuck to the bottom as the top three eased away from the four-car battle for fourth. When Bell began giving the bottom a look, T. Florio was able to make a run.


As Burgess inched away, Bell and T. Florio ran wheel to wheel. At the checkers it was Burgess in the Stephenville Starter & Electric, Damron Consulting, Solid Rock Lawn & Landscape, Josh Whaley Enterprises, Little Blues Tracking, Dirt Defender, TDF Motorsports, five1seven Designs, Williams Painting, WCH Race Engines, Vato Chassis getting the win with T. Florio edging out Bell for second.


“Starting up front was it,” explained Burgess. “Patience. The car felt really good on the bottom. I just rolled around there. I know Ronnie Bell was right there and I could hear him behind me. I never saw his nose though, that was good for me.”


“Yes, I wondered about someone getting around me. I know Taylor(Florio) is good and fast over in Waco. Ronnie has multiple wins over here. I think the bottom line was the preferred way to go. That's “Racer 101” protect the bottom.”


“After the Sprint Cars put down their rubber we had to change the car up some from what we usually do. My father and father-in-law threw something out there to do something different. We tried it and it worked.”


IMCA Southern Sport Mods

64 Devin Burgess, 21t Taylor Florio, 95 Ronnie Bell jr., 481 Tony Sanders, 65 Braydon Wyatt, 21 Chris Florio, 24t Tyler Bragg, 51 Thomas Walp, 26 Richard Walp, 125 Ollie Whitworth---dns, 10b Brock Shirley---dns


IMCA SSM heats

Heat 1; 64 Devin Burgess, 21t Taylor Florio, 24t Tyler Bragg, 26 Richard Walp, 125 Ollie Whitworth, 10b Brock Shirley---dns


Heat 2; 95 Ronnie Bell jr., 21 Chris Florio, 481 Tony Sanders, 65 Braydon Wyatt, 51 Thomas Walp


Childs Claims Stock Car Cash

After starting near the tail of the 13-car, 15-lap IMCA Stock Car feature, Mike Childs(Hudson Oaks) found himself in the winners circle. As the green waved it was Zach Spillman getting the early lead with Joe O'Bryan, Jamey Huskey, Dennis Bissonette and PJ Egbert in pursuit. Egbert, Huskey and Childs were three wide for third, with Egbert and Childs getting spots.


Huskey fell back into another three abreast fight this time with Charles Cosper and Andy Roller. At the midway point it was Spillman, Childs and Egbert getting by O'Bryan, and Cosper in the top five. Childs got a run on the back stretch for the lead while Cosper, Egbert and O'Bryan were three wide. Childs got the top spot on lap 9 as Cosper took third from Roller after Egbert slowed when he threw a belt off.


Cosper then took second from Spillman with Roller and O'Bryan door to door as Westin Abbey Abbey joined the fight. With two to go Childs had a few car lengths with Roller, Spillman, Abbey and O'Bryan almost four across for third. At the checkers it was Childs holding his advantage for the win over Cosper with Abbey winning the fight for third

IMCA Stock Cars

01 Mike Childs, 33c Charles Cosper, 12 Westin Abbey, 13 Joe O'Bryan, 63 Andy Roller, 44z Zach Spillman, 1b Brandon Hood, 6c Caleb Crenshaw, 07d Dennis Bissonette, 26 Jamey Huskey, 22 Justin Weirenga, 8 Vernon Owens, 44 PJ Egbert


I-Stock heats

Heat 1; 07d Dennis Bissonette, 12 Weson Abbey, 44z Zach Spillman, 26 Jamie Huskey, 6c Caleb Crenshaw, 01 Mike Childs, 8 Vernon Owens


Heat 2; 14 Joe O'Bryan, 33c Charles Cosper, 63 Andy Roller, 44 PJ Egbert, 1b Brandon Hood, 22 Justin Wierenga


The 13-car IMCA Sport Compact feature saw Julia Childs grab the early lead chased by Scott Newberry, Phelan Bukoski, Harold Clifton and James Lochaby. Newberry moved along side Childs for the lead while Bukoski and Clifton were door to door for third. Newberry got ahead of Childs for the top spot on lap 3.


The two continued to fight it out wheel to wheel with Lochaby and Clifton now fighting for third. Newberry used slower traffic to finally shake Childs and build a lead out to a half straightaway as the laps wound down. Newberry took the checkers with a comfortable lead over Childs.


IMCA Sport Compacts

11s Scott Newberry, 02 Julia Childs, 99 James Lochaby, 47c Harold Clifton, 78 Phelan Bukoski, 11h Harold Watson, 5b Danny White, 39t James Morehead, 88b Bobby Morehead, 18 Jeff Tolar, 01 Pamela Wiseant, 10w Clifton Wisenant, 45 Brian Bagent, 13 Dakota Dees---dns, 59 Rick Saupp---dns, 4 Bill Hall---dns


IMCA Sport Compact heats

Heat 1; 02 Julia Childs, 10w Clifton Wisenant, 45 Brian Bagent, 11h Harold Watson, 5b Danny White, 39t James Morehead, 59 Rick Saupp, 4 Bill Hall


Heat 2;11s Scott Newberry, 14 Dakota Dees, 47c Harold Clifton, 78b Phelan Bukowski, 99 James Lochaby, 01 Pamela Wisenant, 18 Jeff Toler, 88d Bobby Morehead


Ricky Braddock swept the night in the Street Stocks taking the heat win, then going wire to wire in the 15-lap feature. Braddock was trailed early by Jeff Tito and Andrew Garcia. Wade White made a charge but slid too high and bounced off the wall. By halfway Braddock had a full straightaway margin over Garcia with Tito, Mike Kelly and Ritchie Robins three wide for third. At the checkers it was Braddock by nearly a half track getting the win.


Street Stocks

56 Ricky Braddock, 9 Andrew Garcia, 68 Wade White, 5 Mike Kelly, 58 Ritchie Robins, 81t Jeff Tito, 39b Billy Rupert---dns, 96 Terry Keenan---dns


Street Stock heat

Heat 1; 56 Ricky Braddock, 5 Mike Kelly, 58 Ritchie Robins, 81t Jeff Tito, 68 Wade White, 9 Drew Garcia, 96 Terry Keenan, 39b Billy Rupert


Grant Wollam grabbed the early lead in the 15-car, 20-lap Factory Stock feature. Wollam was chased by Sam Spadaro, Shelbi Baker, Jeff Blackwood and Terry Dumas at the start. Dumas got by Blackwood for fourth followed by Anthony Simcik to fifth. Dumas then went three wide with Spadaro and Baker to get second.


Spadaro didva 360 and kept going with Blackwood, Leroy Barnard and Ricky Sheepard spinning to miss for a lap 4 caution. On the restart Joe O'Bryan was able to get third from Baker when Chris Logan brought out a caution. Once back to green, Ryan Powers, coming from the back, went three wide with O'Bryan and Baker, taking third.


At the mid-point the top 3 were checking out while O'Bryan, Dennis Bissonette and Simcik battled for fourth. Wollam then built a good gap back to Dumas, Poweres and O'Bryan who broke free from his battle. Powers was able to take second in the waning laps, but it was Wollam going flag to flag for victory.


Factory Stocks

26 Grant Wollam, r12 Ryan Powers, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 33k Shelbi Baker, 44 Anthony Simcik, 96 James Bailey, 33 Sam Spadaro, 26x Leroy Barnard, 488 Jeff Blackwood, 55d Terry Dumas, 5L Chris Logan, 13 Melissa Bailey, 818 Dennis Bissonette, 51r Ricky Sheppard, 04 Justin Boyd

Factory Stock heats

Heat 1; 14 Joe O'Bryan, 44 Anthony Simcik, 488 Jeff Blackwood, 818 Dennis Bissonette, 33k Shelbi Baker, 51jr Ricky Sheppard, 26x Leroy Barnard


Heat 2; 33 Sam Spadaro, 55d Terry Dumas, 26 Grant Wollam, 04 Justin Boyd, 13 Melissa Bailey, 5L Chris Logan, r12 Ryan Powers

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