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Streetstock results and YTD (3/17)

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StreetStock 3/17


Heat 1

Heat 2

11K- Shawn Kline- 25

77- Chris Shafer- 25

12- Adam Perks- 20

29- Jason Jennings- 20

23F- Jason Fitch- 15

14- Lynn Fox- 15

67- Joe Boop- 10

5- Brad Hayes- 10

8J- Justice Hart- 5

High 5- Will Chomitzky- 5

69- Jason Bloom- 5

34- Michael Harp- 5

2R- William Robinson- 5

22P- Michale Pesek- 5

72- Justin Boop-5

98- Derrick Remmers- 5

33Z- James Zarbock- 5

F1- Brad Dixon- 5





Jason Fitch-  100

Jason Fitch- 115

Adam Perks-   95

Adam Perks- 115

Shawn Kline-90

Shawn Kline- 115

Lynn Fox- 85

Lynn Fox- 100

Brad Hayes- 80

Chris Shafer- 100

Chris Shafer-75

Brad Hayes- 90

Joe Boop-70

Joe Boop- 80

Michael Harp-65

Micheal Harp-70

Justin Boop-60

Justin Boop-65

Jason Bloom-55

Jason Bloom-60

Will Chomitzky-50

Will Chomitzky- 55

Justice Hart-45

Justice Hart- 50

Williams Robinson-40

William Robinson-45

James Zarbock-35

James Zarbock-40

Michale Pesek-30

Michale Pesek-35

Derrick Remmers-25

Derrick Remmers-30

Jason Jennings-20

Jason Jennings-20

Brad Dixon-0

Brad Dixon-0



Please look over results and if you find any mistakes (name, car#, points, etc) please text me at 361-676-7973

Edited by behindthescenes

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