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Live updates from Houston Motorsports Park, Liberty Bell 200, July 8

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Pro Modifieds qualifying


33 Jason Morman, 14.920

7 Brian Ott, 15.204

6 Jake Thomasson, 15.659

51 Zach Knowles, 14.727

99 Bryan Schild, 15.109

96 Brandon Bendele, 14.875

072 Bayley Currey, 14.598 (1st)

50 Joe Aramendia, 14.760

21 Jason Marshall, 14.699 (3rd)

72 Johnny Walker, 14.636 (2nd)

26 Bob Slezinsky, 14.838

81 Christopher Hogan, 14.917

88 Larry Hughes, 15.103

2 Paul White, 14.858

12 Scooter Bates, 15.171

65 Bubba Menard, 14.780

4 Mike Kourkoubes, 14.928

54 Clayton Green, 14.899

01 Allen Sampson, 14.870

5 Jake Kruger, 14.749

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We have a few minutes until opening ceremonies... Straight up 8 pm for the National Anthem and the invocation.

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Allison Legacy 20 lapper


Brett Mitchell spins on lap one - no yellow as he refires.,


Colt Mize and James Remore out first and battle for the lead followed by Brad Harden and Matt Yevcak


Jaida Simnental spins down the front to bring out the yellow on lap 2.


Mize takes over the lead while and Brad Harden drops Remore to fourth as Yevcak moves up to third on lap 5


Yevcak spins solo in 1-2 - no yellow as he refires. He pits on lap 7.


Lap 13 has MIze, Harden, Remore, Camryn Chadwick, Rocky Mize, Kit Leslier, Jaida Simental, Josh Berendsen, Brett Mitchell


Four to go and It's still Mize, Remore, Chadwick and Harden up front,.


1. Colt Mize, 20

2. James Remore, 20

3. Brad Harden, 20

4. Camryn Chadwick, 20

5. Kit Leslie19

6. Rocky Mize, 19

7, Josh Berendsen, 19

8. Jaida Simental,19

9. Brett Mitchell,19

10 Matt Yevcak, 7

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14 NASKARTS onto the track for 27 laps. Corey O'Donnell and Mike Steinman up front take the green. Three and four wide in 3-4... Top five nose to tail followed by the next four who are also nose to tail. Now Steinman pulls out to a few Kart length lead on lap 4.


O'Donnell right on Steinman's bumper on lap 13.. And gives him a solid hit.. no spin... at lap 14 we have a competition yellow at halfway..


O'Donnell gets the jump on the restart dropping Steinman to 3rd Delbert May into 2nd.


Steinman gets inside O'Donnell for the lead on lap. O'Donnell closes back in on lap 22


And Steinman takes the win over Corey O'Conner


1. MIke Steinmann, 27

2. Corey O'Donnell

3. Delbert May

4. David Molino

5. Kaleb Kreiss

6. Chad Rogers

7,. Marty Kreis

8. Craig Stephens

9. Delbert May III, 22

10. Jason Marshall, 20

11. Kevin Pittman, 20

12. Shelby Huff, 15

13. Halie Tanner, 6

14. Craig Luitjen, 0

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17 Eco Stocks with Mike Mecum taking the lead from Shelby Huff on lap 5. Lots of side by side racing through the pack.. Lots of contact in the pack as well.


Huff now all over Mecum as Russell Vickery gets into the mix up front with 8 to go.


Mecum, Huff and Vickery putting on a show up front as they go nose to tail through traffic with 5 to go.


Vickery now closes on Huff with 3 to go... And it's Huff, Vickery and Mecum the top three at the checkered.


1. Shelby Huff

2. Russell Vickery

3. Mike Mecum

4. RObert Henson

5. Danny Bartholomew

6. Stephen Dalton

7. Brent Devoti

8. Patrick Lundy

9. Jamie Hubbs, JR

10. Doug Gibson

11. Chris House

12. Kit Leslie

13. Christian Axley

14. Andy Petaveax

15. Jim Axley

16. Soren Rasmussen

17. Matt Lindley

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Pro Modifieds up for their 75 lap feature. Bayley Currey and Johnny Walker on the front row in team cars, 072 is Currey and 72 is Walker.


20 cars take the green with Currey out first.. They make it through three laps just fine... Aramendia works up to fourth behind Kruger... It's Currey, Marshall, Kruger, Aramendia, Knowles, Menard and Walker up front at lap 5


Lap 10 has Currey, Kruger, Marshall, Aramendia, Knowles, Menard, Brandon Bendele Paul White, Johnny Walker and Christopher Hogan the top 10


Slezinsky spins in 3-4 and Allen Sampson clipped him as he slid to a stop. Yellow on lap 11. Sampson pits. Slezinsky goes to the rear.


Slezinsky pits in the infield with some sort of suspension problem and rejoins as they line up for the lap-11 double-file restart.


Kruger gets the jump on the restart and drops Currey to second. Marshall and Aramendia follow closely. Bendele up to 6th, Menard 7th on lap 16.


Kruger opens up a couple of lengths on currey on lap 18. The rest of the field are single file not far behind the leaders.


Knowles now all over Aramendia as they battle for fourth on lap 22


Running order at lap 25, Kruger, Currey, Marshall, Aramendia, Knowles, Bendele, Menard, White, Kourkoubes, Bryan Schild the top ten.


Kourkoubes slows dramatically but stays out and soon is back back up to racing speed on lap 28.


Currey now all over Kruger on lap 30. Marshall a few lengths back as Knowles and Bendele get by Aramendia.


Currey works Kruger on the outside and takes the lead on lap 36. Kruger trails a thin cloud of blue smoke every lap...


Lap 40 running order. Currey, Kruger, .... but a caution for a spin by Marshall after some contact with Zach Knowles... on lap 41.


It's Currey, Kruger, Knowles, Bendele, Aramendia, Menard, Morman, White, Schild and Hogan as they circle under yellow... then Brian Ott, Clayton Green, Walker,... then they need to sort themselves out at the rear, please.


35 laps to go. Kruger gets the jump on the restart and takes over the point. Bendele takes a look inside Currey, but pulls back into third. Then Knowles and Aramendia .


A caution for a spin down the front straight by Bryan Schild on lap 46.


Hughes and Slezinsky pit after making contact earlier...


29 laps to go as they get doubled-up for the restart. No cones tonight...


Again Kruger gets away first wtih Currey on his bumper... Kourkoubes pits. Bendele in third as Knowles maintains 4th with Aramendia 5th. Then Morman, Menard, Ott, Marshall rounding out the top 10


20 to go and Kruger hangs on to the lead with Currey doiing his best to hold off Bendele and Knowles. Aramendia a few lengths behind the top four. Kruger still showing some blue haze at times.


Hogan pulls to a stop on the front straight to bring out the yellow.... 15 cars left to circulate the track under yellow,


Marshall and Schild tangle under caution in 3-4 under caution... Marshall leaves the track with his front end dragging the track. Schild to the infield pits.


20 to go.... Kruger, Currey, Bendele, Knowles, Aramendia, Morman, White, Menard, Ott and we're green


And we have a wreck involving at least Ott and Menard and perhaps others down the front straight... Someone apparently tapped Ott who spun and collected Menard who backed into the front straight pit wall. Menard on the hook as Ott is able to circulate under yellow.


So, 19 to go as cautions become more frequent in this 75-lapper. Kruger and Currey in row one. Then Knowles and Bendele in two. Aramendia and Morman in three. White and Green in four.


Currey and Kruger side by side for two laps with Bendele right there. Knowles and Morman right there as well as the top 5 go nose to tail.. Kruger able to finally take control after the side by side deal with Kruger


Something breaks on Bendele's ride and he pits on lap 63


That leaves Kruger and Kowles and Aramendia up front as Currey had to slow to miss Bendele when he slowed abruptly...


Two to go and it's Kruger all alone with Knowles giving chase a few lengths back.. Then Aramendia way back in third with Currey fourth.. White fifth... and that's how they finish...


1. Jake Kruger, 75

2. Zach Knowles, 75

3. Joe Aramendia, 75

4. Bayley Currey, 75

5. Paul White, 75

6. Clayton Green, 75

7. Christopher Hogan, 75

8. Brian Ott, 75

9. Bob Slezinsky, 75

10. Johnny Walker, 75

11. Jason Morman 75

12. Brandon Bendele, 63

13. Scooter Bates, 60

14. Bubba Menard, 56

15. Jason Marshall, 55

16. Bryan Schild, 54

17. Larry Hughes, 45

18 Mike Kourkoubes, 45

19. Jake Thomason, 39

20. Allen Sampson, 11

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Pro Trucks come out for their 35-lap feature... Jake Wright and Adam Haugh up front with Mason Teague and Shawn Paul Lehman in two. Rick Pollaro in the front somewhere... Jake French and Kevin Gould in three. Craig Roper and Jesse Salazar in four. Brandon Leonard and Mark LIndley, then Michelle Reininger and Wayne Wappes. Then Dale Sheen and Chad Rogers. John Winnie and Lori Lindley... Travis Westell and David Webster


Pollaro out first with Wright, Haugh and Mason Teague the top four .. then a gap back to Jake French and Kevin Gould.


Lap 7 and we have Pollaro, Haugh, Teague, Wright, French, Gould, Jesse Salazar, Craig Roper, Brandon Leonard and Wayne Wappes the top 10.


Same at Lap 10.


Pollaro approaches lapped trucks on lap 12... Top five still nose to tail as they lap Lori Lindley...


A spin by Travis Westell and he stays parked at the entry of pit road with no yellow needed.


Now Haugh all over Polaro who has Teague all over him who has Jake French all over him.


Teague up to 3rd after getting around French as Kevin Gould sits in 5th


The leader Rick Pollaro Spins solo in 3-4 .... yellow flies on lap 27.


Looks like right after Pollaro's spin Chad Rogers blows a motor on the front straight and Wappes spins in the oil.. Rogers pits.


Track checking for oil.


Now that we have a minute, the running order on lap 27 is Adam Haugh, Mason Teague, Jake French, Kevin Gould, Jake Wright, Craig Roper, Jesse Salazar, ... then it's hard to tell who's where after that.


On the restart Teague takes the lead from the outside, but Lori Lindley spins in 1-2 to bring out the yellow and we go back to a complete restart.


Haugh and Teague side by side for a lap with French waiting in third. then Wright and Salazar, Roper and Leonard.. with 5 to go.


Top four nose to tail.. Teague looks inside.. no go... and they stay lined up in that order as the checkered flies.


1. Adam Haugh, 34

2. Mason Teague

3. Jake French

4. Jake Wright

5. Jesse Salazar

6. Craig Roper

7. Kevin Gould

8. Brandon Leonard

9. David Webster

10. Mark Lindley

11. John WInnie

12. Dale Sheen

13. James Coursey

14. Lori Lindley, 33

15. Shawn Paul Lehman, 28

16. Rick Pollaro, 27

17. Wayne Wappes, 27

18. Chad Rogers, 26

19. Travis Westell, 24

20. Michelle Reininger, ?

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Pro Late Models scheduled for a 50 lap feature next....


Bayley Currey and Tim Sargent up front. Brandon Bendele and JT Shild in two. Corey Roper and Zach Knowles. Memphis Villarreal and Steven Buchanan. Ryan Humphrey and DL Wilson at the rear. Sargent is from Illinois!


Currey and Sargent side by side for a lap then Sagent takes command with Bendele also getting by Currey into second. Now Roper gets under Currey for third.


Buchanan slaps the turn 3-4 wall and limps around.. no yellow. Bendele gets around Sargent for the lead.


Roper and Knowles battle for third a few lenghts back from Sargent as Bendele takes off over Sargent. We go yellow as there seems to be some rear end grease or something on the track. Buchanan in the pits.


DL Wilson stalls and parks in 1-2... Yellow flies on lap 15.


Bendele, Roper, Sargent, Knowles, Currey, Schild, Villarreal, Wilson and Humphrey the 9 cars running as we go green.


Sargent gets a good start and takes the lead over Bendele, Roper and Knowles...


Lap 20 and it's Sargent, Bendele, Roper, Knowles, Currey, Schild,, Villarreal.. Now Bendlele gets under Sargeny and takes Roper with him into second. Knowles and Schild now get under Sargent...


Bendele opens up two lengths on Roper who has several lenghts on Knowles who also has several on Schild. Then Sargent, Currey, Villarreal and Humphry..


Brandon and Roper take off over the rest... Knowles all by himself in third.. Then Sargent, Currey, Schild, Villarrreal and Humphrey with 15 to go.


No change with 10 to go. Bendele able to maintain two lengths on Roper as the laps click off.


Cars strung out all around the track with no real battles anywhere... Bendele still maintains a solid three length gap on Roper.


5 to go and no change... Humphreys looks under Villarreal for position.. no go.. Bendele now comes up on some lapped traffic as Ryan Humphrey spins down the back side.. no yellow .. and Bendele takes the win over Corey Roper.


1. Brandon Bendele, 50

2. Corey Roper

3. Zach Knowles

4. Tim Sargent

5. Bayley Currey

6. JT Schild

7. Memphis Villarreal, 49

8. Ryan Humphrey,48

9. DL Wilson, 29

10. Steven Buchanan, 5

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Robert Barker and Ryan Luza up front for this 30-lapper for the Super Stocks/Outlaws. Kelly Reininger and Hunter Montgomery in row two.


Luza takes the early lead over Barker. Then Montgomery, Reininger, Buddy Morgan, Steven Robison, Cory WInne, Dale Demski, Brian Bell. John Winnie in the pits.


Luza takes off as Barker struggles to keep up... Montgomery a distant third. Then Reininger, Morgan and Robinson.


15 to go and no changes as most of the field is lapped by Luza and Barker by lap 15.


Dale Demski and Steven Robinson having fun as Luza tries to get around them. Barker almost a quarter lap behind Luza on lap 20.


Montgomer running a pretty strong third, but over half a lap behind Barker. Reininger sees Luza in her mirror on lap 25.


Luza, Barker and Montogmery the only cars on the lead lap with 2 to go.


And it's Luza, Barker and Montgomery at the checkered. Luza wins by a quarter lap after lapping all but Barker and Montgomery.


1. Ryan Luza, 30

2. Robert Barker

3. Hunter Montgomery

4. Kelly Reininger, 29

5. Steven Robinson, 29

6. Buddy Morgan, 29

7. Dale Demski, 28

8., Brian Bell, 27

9. Cory Winnie, 27

10. John Winnie, 0

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Pro Sedans have eight cars for 25 laps.


James Hogan and Lalo Leal take off early with Bruce Mabrito stalling in 1-2... yellow out right away.


It's James Hogan, Lalo Leal, Cesar Garrido, Tommy Goldman, Johnny Guerra, Mike Knotts, Joshua Freeman and Mabrito in the pits.


Hogan takes off over Garrido. Then a big gap to Godman and Guerra.


20 to go and no changes as Hogan takes off, catching and lapping Knotts on lap 7...


Leal pits on lap 7


Hogan half a lap in front on lap 10.


At halfway, Hogan long gone. Then Barrido, Guerra, Freeman and Goldman. Knotts, Leal and Mabrito all laps down. with 8 to go.


Only one car on the lead lap with Hogan as Garrido just got lapped, so the only car on the lead lap is the winner, James Hogan!


1. James Hogan. 25

2. Cesar Garrido, Jr. 24

3. Joshua Freeman, 24

4. Johnny Guerra, 24

5. Tommy Goldman, 24

6. Mike Knotts, 22

7, Lalo Leal, 7

8. Bruce Mabrito, 0

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Ten Late Models


5 Gary Buchanon

115 Ryan Humphries

30 Memphis Villarreal

25 JT Schild

6 DL Wilson

96 Brandon Bendele

51 Zach Knowles

05 Bayley Currey

04 Cory Roper

26 Tim Sargent (Illinois)


5 plm is Steven Buchanan, not Gary Buchanon

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Bobby Chaffee shared a few pics with me that I didn't have time to post last night...


Looking towards the left at the Pro Mods lined up for qualifying




Looking to the right for the rest of the Pro Mods




Nice crowd on hand for this one




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