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I-37 Speedway live updates 4-22-17

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They had to shorten the race due to two cars rolling over.




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Sport Compacts
77 GB Carter
3 Jamie Garner
8 Robert Kelm
42 Daniel Zajac
15 Devon Suritt
69 Felipe Ruiz
63 Gordon Dowdy
13 Jertemy Watson
33c CharlesEArnhardt III
82 Mike Knotts
50w Robert Wyman
5 Dillon Gaither
57 Trevor Bettis
56 Treyler CAulfield
14k David Sheffield
4 Jeremy Witt
4t Leland Witt
5a Abel Solis
181 George Quintenilla
66c Rick Snyder
28 Sergio Hexsel

0 Lee Praytor---dq(tech)

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I feel I need to clarify something, bear with me please.


Lee Praytor is from Tyler Texas and is part of a groop that races Rosebowl. He came to I37 to see if there is a way the air cooled bugs could adapt to I37 rules. He put on street tires but failed the brake test as many bugs don't use front brakes. I37 honored their policy of allowing 1 race as is for that reason. He was paid for his finish but the track did not want to alter the points race so his finish of 3rd was not official. I don't know if that group can adapt but this was not a cheating thing, just a test.


Bottom line is if you go to teck you better pass. Points will not be given to a non conforming car. The rules are simple and posted on their homepage. They don't use a scalpel but do check for different things, safety being the most strict. 4 cyl racers have been looking at different tracks around the state and it looks like this deal is going to be the most popular. Red River is running full blown mini stocks and Rosebowl is running 2 classes, front wheel drive and mini stocks. 281 has offered race dates to any group that can bring a class. There are a few Jr mini stock series like HOT plus a few Eco Stock series. For central Texas I believe I37 is the one to use. 22 entries and more on the way. Again, JMO. BTW, we are on the card for the next 2 weeks in a row including the night of the 600 sprints next week.

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Thumper, thanks for the explanation on Lee Praytor. I used to race against him at Rosebowl and Lone Star Speedways in the Late Model class and he was always legal and fast with his Ford engines.

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