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TPS and TIDA and Longhorn Speedway History posted on Texas Racing History


An article was written and posted by Alanis King. She is a journalism student at the University of Texas in Austin.

She asked TIDA-LM and Texas Pro Sedans Founder Neil Upchurch for major input material from his memory of the racing history of Longhorn Speedway in Austin, Texas and other Texas asphalt racing history material for her University of Texas THESIS and for posting on the website where she works as a writer.


The complete posting of her long version story with all photos re-posted and authorized by Alanis King and her website supervisor is available by logging onto www.texasprosedans.com


Her article was preceded by a memo to Alanis King from Neil Upchurch. The entire article and every quality photo are shown to visually support her THESIS.


As most know, I was closely involved in southwest auto racing since 1969. Her article is a “memorial” about the part of Texas and southwest motorsports that is gone, but not entirely forgotten.

I told her I regret all the money, time and work spent by car owners, drivers and crews and the support of loyal spectators and track and car sponsors. I also regret all the effort and funds gambled and lost by track operators, (sometimes called promoters) which I was for some TPDA-LM track rentals and which all eventually came up “snake eyes” in short track version of auto racing’s craps.

I also mentioned to her that having written quite a few racing News Releases. I appreciated her studied preparation and journalistic ability and I hoped she receives a high grade when she turns in her THESIS at the University of Texas. I later learned she made an “A”.

In my part of the article, I posted complete list of the southwest asphalt tracks which have closed over the years.

I can tell all of you Lone Star Speed Zone readers that Alanis King’s story is good Texas racing history and deserves a complete read.

I told Alanis King I was proud to assist her and appreciated her asking for my input.

Neil Upchurch

Texas Pro Sedans Founder, Race Director & Administrative Director
Texas Intl Drivers Association TIDA-LM Founder & Race Director
Texas World Speedway Texas Race of Champions Race Director & P.A. Announcer

Edited by NeilTPS

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I tried to send her an email from the email address at the end of the article and it bounced. Not sure why.

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