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Johnny Ram

parts and rules

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We will have 2017 Bomber Rules posted to STS Website ASAP.


Brief of Bomber 2017 Rule changes - we consider these rule changes were necessary help insure safety of Driver's & Track Officials/Safety Crew.

  • Front loops optional - highly recommended
  • Rear loop mandatory - to protect fuel cell
  • Fuel Cell enclosed in steel can mandatory - must be located in trunk and secured by 2 inch steel straps
  • Battery's may not be located in Drivers compartment, must be in enclosed sealed battery box to prevent leakage in case of roll over and secured fastened.
  • Must have minimum of 4 windshield bars spaced 4 inch's apart to protect driver from debris - 5/16 min diameter.
  • Fuel injected cars must have roll over switch to turn off electric fuel pumps in case of roll over.

Getty Up Go.... Get em ready......looking forward to a outstanding 2017 Racing Season.

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2107 Bomber Tire/Wheel Rule

  • Any DOT approved passenger tire, maximum thread width of 8 1/2 inches. DOT tires marked as "Not for Highway Use" will not be allowed. Racing tires, studded tires or recaps not allowed.
  • Steel DOT approved wheels, maximum 8 inch width and maximum 15 inch diameter.
  • Aluminum wheels not allowed.

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