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Awards Banquet this Saturday!

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The banquet is coming up this weekend, I can not believe it is here already, I am so excited! There are still plenty of tickets available and time is running out quickly to purchase them online (online sales close Wednesday evening). If you have been procrastinating, NOW IS THE TIME! If you will be purchasing your tickets at the door (for the higher price) please let me know so I can have an accurate count for the catering company.

Below are the people that will be receiving awards!



3rd – 260 Connor Chadwick
2nd – 34 Camryn Chadwick
1st – 84 Levi Debeau

Sport Compact
3rd – 11 Shelby Huff
2nd – 33 Jamie Garner
1st – 07 Richard Fitch

Grand Stocks
3rd – 3 Sean Folsom
2nd – 71 Scott Nester
1st – 14 Brandon McCall

Super Street Stocks
3rd – 3 Clint LaFont
2nd – 17 Robert Barker
1st – 14 Trent Beaver

3rd – 48 Jake Wright
2nd – 18 Jesse Salazar
1st – 12 Adam Haugh

Pro Modified
3rd – 14 Jason Marshall
2nd – 5 Ryan Luza
1st – 50 Brian Moczygemba

Pro Late Models
3rd – 5 Steven Buchanan
2nd – 17 David Lewis
1st – 05 Bayley Currey

Lone Star Legacy
5th - 04 Dillon Sampson
4th - 7 James Remore
3rd - 23 Alexis Sampson

2nd - 10 Gabriel Fogg
1st - 01 Allen Sampson

Lone Star Legacy High Point Average
Dillon Sampson

Rookie of the Year

Bandolero - #4 Parker Riggle
Sport Compact - #1 Lisha Teague
Grand Stock - #26 Evan Lambert
Super Street Stock - #12 Kelly Reininger
NAPA Truck - #31 Chase Havely
Pro Modified - #79 Vinnie Aramendia
Pro Late Model - #5 Steven Buchanan
Lone Star Legacy - #7 James Remore

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