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A/C Pulley bad bearings?

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I have a 2005 Ford Explorer with a 4.6L V8. When I turn on the A/C (which is all the time) I hear a noise that sounds like bad bearings. This only happens when using an A/C function. The A/C compressor was replaced a couple of years ago with an AutoZone reman. Is there any reliable way to determine if is A/C pulley or a different one such as idler or alt? If anything other than A/C I can DIY. I don't have the tools or comfort level to deal with the compressor. Hope to hear some good advice.

Thanks in advance


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The first thing I do is take something like a long screw driver .and put near with safety in mind while motor is running and listen through what ever you choose to use . the sound will carry . move it around to other parts of motor pulleys alternator water pump ect what ever you can touch and listen too ..the sound will change in hopes so you can locate it ..if not take the belt off and spin every thing .listen or feel where it is mounted for vibe are noise ..now you say it only happens with the ac on .maybe a noisy compressor or a clutch bearing going bad ..some of those clutch bearings can be replaced . just have to look it up to see and you can change it yourself in most cases ......IF you don't feel safe doing any of the test I mentioned don't do it have someone else who has done it before ..you can get hurt be safe. if you do the running test have another person ready to kill the motor if you have a problem

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