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Ignition Problem

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Got a chance to actually do some racing last weekend in My Limited Modified, at Battleground.


Some background 1st.

Been chasing a running hotter than I wanted to issue, so I haven't been able to get in more than about 10 or so laps.


Replaced the radiator, the temp problem was fixed (190 - 200 indicated. Can definitely live with that)



So Saturday, I'm able to stay on the track and run longer than the past two weekends out.

Was about 18 or 19 laps into our Feature (I didn't run the heat), and while motoring around during caution the car just flat dies and wouldn't re-fire.


Was pushed back to the pits, checked, and no spark.


Sat around just a few more minutes.

Tried again, and the car fired right up.


MSD Distributor, part # 8365


Defective module?


Thanks all

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It could be lacking sufficient "heat sink compound" underneath the base of the module. If the module had been removed and reinstalled without a fresh application of the heat sink compound, then what you're experiencing can happen.

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