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Robbie Starnes of Baytown, TX pulled off the sweep winning at Heart O Texas Speedway on Friday night and at Cotton Bowl Speedway Saturday night.


Starnes reclaimed the lead in the closing laps from Max Thomas on Friday night to claim victory over the 18 car field at Heart O Texas Speedway. This was the first time Late Models had taken to the 1/4 mile bullring in 27 years, and it proved to be an exciting night for all of those watching.


On Saturday night Starnes took the lead from Austin Theiss coming to the white flag and held on to take the win over the 15 car field, completing the weekend sweep.


The Southern Texas Late Model Series will have a break before we are back in action April 30th at the Cotton Bowl Speedway.


You can catch up on all of the action from the weekend at www.raceontexas.com


Friday Results

1) 77 Robbie Starnes

2) 821 Max Thomas

3) 7D Austin Theiss

4) ZZ The Sloppy Hogg

5) 124 Kyle Whitworth

6) 99 Nate Jantz

7) 64 Jay Sale

8) 717 GW Egbert

9) 40 Neil Manchester

10) 18 Michael Wagner

11) 10-4 Brandon Brzozowski

12) 37 Rusty Harmon

13) 2 Charles Armstrong III

14) 3 Charles Armstrong II

15) 12 Kody Hardage

16) 56jr David Horner

17) 82 Jarrod Stepanski

18) 31 Gary Lowe


Saturday Results

1) 77 Robbie Starnes

2) 7D Austin Theiss

3) 10-4 Brandon Brzozowski

4) ZZ The Sloppy Hogg

5) 99 Nate Jantz

6) 717 GW Egbert

7) 12 Kody Hardage

8) 07 Keith Wright

9) 18 Michael Wagner

10) 117 Todd Jouett

11) 82 Jarrod Stepanski

12) 40 Neil Manchester

13) 64 Jay Sale

14) 56jr David Horner

15) 37 Rusty Harmon

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