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lemonaid is made from lemons

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Its hard to word this deal but needs saying.This was definitely a mixed bag this weekend.


We had a fantastic show all ready for Saturday nite but the weather again tricked us and took away what was to be a barn burner of a finale.All the racers had to be crushed.From the ashes came another group that is not often considered and that is the 4/4 wheelers. It was amazing to watch these guys at work making sure everybody was rescued from mothers natures wrath. Some of the less fortunate teams ended up in a foot or more of water but that did not stop those rescuers from wading through the lakes and so professionally pulled out trucks, trailers, race cars and motor homes with what I saw absolutely no damage. Some needed a wash job but that was about it. Heres the lemonade part. These guys were having the best time they ever had being helpful AND using their skills and machines to show what a hero can do. There was even a duce doing the heavy lifting with some of those motorhomes. Some even had to be pulled out backwards because of nothing to hook to in the front and nobody wanted to damage the rigs.So it was not only a weekend for the speed demons to shine, the mudders also got to perform at their highest level.STS is really a magical place and I hope everyone realizes that.Again the "all involved" attitude proved to be the winning one


Unfortunately we will loose a few teams for the finale on the 21st due to scheduling conflicts and might add a few who could not make this weekend but let us not forget it is God who made any of this possible along with his army, our soldiers. We are indeed the most blessed people in the history of the world and when you think of it this way the weekend was a huge success.I want to thank everyone involved for making this old man feel important at least in my own little way. I bet there are lots of you that feel the same way.Special thanks to South Texas Promotions and South Texas Speedway for making this happen and Im really excited to finish this deal out on the 21st, God willing.


And thank you all mudders for your increadable service to those truly in need. I wish I had video but I still use a flip phone.Maybe some else can.Lets hope you guys can be spectators for the next show.


I love my racing family.

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