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We are moving forward with this weekend

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So here is the deal. Everyone needs to pass this around so nobody gets left out.


We plan to get this show in. We are moving forward with our normal schedule of events for all 3 days.


3 day pit passes will be on sale Thursday along with normal one day pit passes.


It is very important you save your armband no matter what. We will not cancel this event! If we have to postpone the event we will lock in the last completed race and pick up where we left off on our scheduled makeup date of Nov 19, 20 and 21. Once Thursday Pit Passes start to be sold at 3 pm the event will be officially "started". No refunds will be given out on registrations or pit passes for this event. If we must postpone this event you will need your armband for the rescheduled makeup date Nov. 19, 20 and 21st for admittance. All armbands will be honored.


We feel at this point its possible we will receive some type of rain over the 3 day period. However we don't expect it to be enough moisture to wash us out and call off the races at this point. Obviously anything could change that as well as we dont receive any moisture like last week played out. We will be prepared in the event we receive any small amount of rain and at this point that is all it is showing is maybe a small amount.


So we hope since we are taking a stab and going forward everyone does the same that had plans to attend.


Any questions call me 8304462438



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