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Big thankyou from STP and its staff. Parking and Misc. info

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63 drivers took advantage of the early registeration discount, are paid in full and registered for the Getchasome Race.


We are expecting around 150+ cars total and a packed house. Please continue passing the word to fans and friends.


Radio commercials are playing up til race time along with digital billboards on S.P.I.D. displaying our ads.


The buzz is out and word is traveling. Lots of out of towners coming to join the fun.


All front row reserved parking spots are sold out. The remainder of the pits is first come first parked. I will not ask anyone to move unless they accidently have parked on the reserved front row. You are welcome to leave RVs, trailers and even campout at the race track if you want to. STS nor STP are responsible for your possessions. But let it be known we do have people on site living there and watching out.


If you desire a particular pit location we recommend you come as early as Wednesday to secure it. Remember lots of out of towners are coming and they have no clue where to park except what looks good to them.


Next issue is golf carts and 4 wheelers. All of them are welcome. However, if they are not on a trailer being shared with a racecar then they must be unloaded in the spectator parking lot and drove to your pits. No non racecar towing vehicle will be allowed into the pits after 3pm on friday and saturday just to simply unload a golf car or 4 wheeler. All non towing racecar and personal vehicles will be parked outside the pits as we simply cant afford to use any space in that manner.


We are attempting to put all racecars and their tow vehicles into the pits best as possible. So with the pits becoming overfull we recommend you do not wait til the last minute to show up. Street Stocks and Pure Stocks must go through tech prior to racing.


No children under the age of 12 will be allowed to drive a golfcarts or 4 wheeler after 3pm on friday and saturday.


Practice will be held Thursday starting at 7pm but no later then 11pm. No practice will be held after the races on Friday as track prep will start immediately for Saturday.


Thursday will be free general admission for viewers. Thursday pit pass will be $25 or you may save some money and purchase a 3 day pit pass for $80.00.


You are responsible for holding onto arm bands. If your arm band comes off please return to the pit gate to receive a new replacement arm band.


Security will be on hand throughout this event and we want to be sure we all are part of a great event that can return in the future. Also please do your part keeping your area clean prior to you leaving each day.


Thanks to everyone who has helped as we are looking forward to this weekend. In the event we must postpone our makeup date is Nov. 19, 20, and 21st. Your armband and sign in sheet will be used for admission if we postpone after the event starts.


From Stephan Danielsen - STP




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