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Slight procedural changes

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Attention Drivers, car owners, crew cheifs, and anyone else that feels like they should pay attention:


There will be a slight procedural change for the October 10th and October 24th races.


Features will be lined up by heat race finish (not passing points).


This should help out in the event that there is a holdup in getting the lineups posted.


If 2 heats, first heat is inside row, second heat is outside row.


If more than 2 heats, they will go in order: 1st heat winner, 2nd heat winner, 3rd heat winner, 1st heat 2nd place, 2nd heat 2nd place, etc., etc., etc.


I will announce this again at the drivers meetings, but this will be the procedure for feature lineups.


Heat race lineups will still be by draw when you get your transponder from the track. Cutoff for draw will be when the track stops taking draws, so check with them if you think you may be running late.

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